Rogelio GarcΓ­a (@rogeliogarciamx)

Today a very good friend is getting married, it is a black tie event so here is a good example of what I recommend for the occasion:
Black suit is mandatory.
White shirt with french cuffs, the neck style is optional.
Black tie is mandatory, here I wear a bowtie but a necktie works as well.
Black shoes.
And remember, you should never be better dressed than the groom or bride.
Be stylish.

Fengwan Wang (@fengwanstheorem)

Visited WWII museum today. (With my hair twice as big because of the humidity)

Mary Kate Dugan (@chiclittlehoney)

Errand running today with Colton πŸ’™ #liketkit

Woven Pink LLC (@wovenpink)

Let your smile change the world. Not the world change your smile. πŸ˜‰

Jen. (@jenni4an)

Husky love at Sasquatch! WOOF. #dawgs #festival #music

TheDressyChick (@thedressychick)

My first hydrangea harvest! Amazed at their beauty! Happy Saturday everyone 🌸

Mary Estrada BloggerπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ’ (@eldiariopinkblog)

Hope your Saturday was relax and fun!πŸ’ Thank nena!! @lin.estrada for the photo!😘