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Last month's Toronto real estate market, where average selling price was at $839,192 and the number of active listings was at 19,021, up by 69%, from the same time last year. The average selling price for all of GTA was at $775,564.

September saw an increase in sales activity indicating a strong Fall market for the Greater Toronto Area.

The months of inventory was at 2.98, which means that if no further listings were to come on the market, the GTA would be sold out of the residential Real Estate market in just under 3 months. This is an indication that we are still in a seller's market and we would need to reach 5 to 6 months of inventory to have a fully balanced market between buyers and sellers.
If we further break down the market into months of inventory for different areas it indicates differing Micro markets

City of Toronto in September had 2.3 months of inventory, indicating a strong seller's market.

In the York region, the months of inventory was 4.8 leaning towards a more balanced market that was slightly leaning towards the seller's market.

However, if you were to break down the York region even further, you will find that Aurora had 6.7 months of inventory leaning slightly toward the buyers market, where Markham was at 3.6 months of inventory indicating still a seller's market.

Another Micro market to look at would be the type of property:

The months of inventory for detached homes was at 4.0, for semi was at 2.0 and for condominiums was at 2.1. This again is due to the fact that condominiums and semi-detached homes are more affordable and therefore, selling at a faster pace than detached homes that are more expensive and less affordable specially for the first time home buyers.
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