Laminariya (@just_laminariya)

Enjoy this collab from our small team!
My part with Wanda, so don’t skip it!
Chr: Wanda Maximoff | Harley Quinn | Caitlin Snow | Hela | Diana Prince
Title: Avengers: Age of Ultron | Suicide Squad | The Flash | Thor: Ragnarok | Wonder Woman

Collette Rose (@cutiepie161012)

'I'm f***ed up, I'm black and blue
I'm built for it, all the abuse
I got secrets, that nobody, nobody knows
I'm good on, that p***y shit
I don't want, what I can get
I want someone, with secrets
That nobody, nobody, nobody knows' #suicidesquad

Char (@charonetteart)

So I decided that I really wanted to draw something more normal so today is Harley Quinn

👨🏽💻 (@boringshif)

Thank God there’s no school tomorrow❄️

👨🏽💻 (@boringshif)

Love this movie so much