Sabrina | PickettPretty (@sabrina__pickett)

I feel tired when I hold back and overthink things. I have a tendency to follow the social norm and live in it, but deep down all of that keeps me in a shell of ‘trying’ to be someone that I can’t fully be. I’m not perfect, organized, I don’t have flawless skin and I am not always dressed to the nines. Even though I try and make my social media’s look that way, it’s really not me. I love getting dolled up, but I also love being natural and feeling good about it. The past few months I’ve been tired and a little down. It’s hard to get out of bed without negative thoughts pouring in. (Could be the cold winter weather adding to it), but still, I’ve held back a lot and all that’s doing is making me more tired. I’m ready to let my butterfly wings fly 🦋 and I think most women in their 20’s go through this, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a chance for us to express ourselves and find our paths and lights in life. If we don’t go through the hard times, how will we appreciate and enjoy the greatest ones? Let’s do this! #positivevibesallaround #findyourself #loveyourself 🦋🦋 #myjetlaglife @summerfridays

Prilov Chile (@prilovchile)

Alguien más soñando con esto AHORA???🌴☀️💦 #prilovers #summerfriday #lovesummer