Vöslauer Mineralwasser (@voeslauermineralwasser)

In reinem Mineralswasser schwimmen! #machich2017 Nur noch 4 Tage bis zum Saisonstart! #thermalbadvöslau #jungbleiben

Kerry-anne Murphy-church (@kerryannemurphychurch)

A pic of my clients measuring the height to adjust their paddles to. I miss them all so much over the winter break, bring on summer #mindariemarina #standuppaddle #onesurfschool #healthylife #outdoorlife #summerlove

Megan Cave (@mn_cave)

My ❤️. Find a Zach if you can. He will brighten your life, make you laugh, annoy the hell out of you, hog the blankets but love you more than anything. He will move across the country for you, walk to a restaurant next door to where you're eating just to get the type of juice you wanted, take you on your second date to Disney World and just look at you like you're the most incredible person and make you feel that way, too. If you've seen me in the past year, you've probably told me how much more I smile. He's the smile on my face. #mylove #disneydate #orlando #okc #summerlove