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We are in a playful mood and full of energy after the New Moon in Gemini! 🌑 How are you feeling today? ✨ This New Moon- SuperMoon in Gemini is bringing us the lesson of self reflection through the myriad mirrors of external forms. She teaches us to honor our knowing and create new pathways, from the thoughts within. At this new moon we may feel compelled to act, but yet powerless to bring about the change we so desire. Until, that is we bring ourselves into alignment with a deeper connection to ourselves. We intuitively feel there is a new path of growth and movement in our field. Take this opportunity of the new moon energy to reset your sights on the horizon where you want to find yourself in the future!

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SAJI YOGA and #UrbanYogi presents #NewMoon #SoundBath this
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New Moon Insight:

We are in a cycle of the largest Super Moon New Moon ever. Therefore the power of our New Moon Wishes are enhanced with greater life force. So our intentions have a greater support of clarity, being that the Super New Moon is in Gemini. The sign of adaptability, duality and positive change. We gain clarity of mind, body and spirit with this transit. Beckoning us to be true to our inner wisdom. This is a great time to make wishes for cosmic clarity, divine intervention where you have lost your way. And support with moving forward in all endeavors. We have an opportunity to link spirit and matter between soul and personality. Be light hearted in your request. Get excited about transition and truth. Let go with open hands and heart.
Write your wishes down, put in an evelope, place on your scared place or altar. Light a white candle and get ready for miracles. Ten wishes max this time. Open evelope next new moon in June. ENJOY😊

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Ay gibi ölü bir yere ulaşma düşüncesi ,insanlara dünya üzerindeki diger insanlarla iletişim kurma düşüncesinden daha heyecan verici geliyor

Dünyayı kurtarmak, hatta kendi kendimizi kurtarmak bizi ilgilendirmiyor.
Bizi ilgilendiren bu gezegenden kaçmak.

Bize sundugu vaadi yitirinceye kadar yeryüzünü kuruttuk.

Henry Miller / Hatırlamayı Hatırlamak.
Video Mark Gee Yeni Zelanda
Vivaldi - Nisi Dominus - "Cum Dederit" Sandrine Piau

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Make sure your days are long, because years are short. 🌙 #supermoon

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Embracing the present moment, that's my why to practice yoga. Throughout my journey as a student and now teacher, I have not always loved to practice, but there was always something calling me back to that heated room. Now, after 5 years of continuesly improvement physically, mentally, and spiritually, I cannot live without it. On this photo @nataliepfund & @tiu_aloha had a blissful yoga practice guided by @lauramaryyoga underneath palm trees & hearing waves crashing. Thank you to @toneitup for creating a community of women to embrace a healthy lifestyle together. Aloha&Namaste 🙏

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🌟And a SUPER new moon! 🌟
Remember, deep breaths, stay away from toxic people, rise above. Please be patient, and be kind to others and most of all yourself😘
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Happy new moon in Gemini! 🌑👯♊️ plant seeds for new and improved communication, turn urself upside down, see what falls out of the space btwn ur 👂🏼👂🏼 probably don't need it anyway 🙏🏻✨😎#sarvangasana #shoulderstand #supermoon #gemini #communication #yoga #yogaheals #yogaisforeveryone

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Hello dear souls!
It's been a roller coaster last 2 days with intense energetic shifts, downloads of energy, and light code upgrades... I found myself exhausted yesterday. But it was a good opportunity to pause and make sure my mind and actions are in alignment with my intended purpose. Listen to your body. This sentient temple we call a body has a knowing that we need to listen to and heed. If we listen to our body when it whispers we won't have to hear it scream with dis-ease. This too is part of the path of self love and our soul's evolution. Will we listen to our higher self when it speaks through different guises? ✨
We can take advantage of these intense and profound energies to co-create our desires for the kind of life we want to live. Today and the next few days will be very powerful for tapping into manifestation energies; which will impact the next 4 week moon cycle until the full moon in June. The new moon is when we co-create manifestation with the most ease as we're in harmony with La Luna, Gaia, and nature. When our body is well taken care of we are most able to channel our intentions and #vibrate at a frequency that is clear and unequivocally understood by the universe. No judgements, just acceptance that's what our body's want. That's what we all want. To be understood and accepted. Offer this to yourself first! ✨
Be willing to step into the light when the universe answers your call. We often fear shining bright not because of the possibility of failure, but because we don't want to alienate those that may not understand or judge us. Trust that those that are meant to be in your life will understand and support you. ✨
Sending love and light to all beings. May we continue to strive for deep self love and acceptance that we may be beacons of light for others. 🙏🏼
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Feeling brand new! Nothing like a good cleansing of negative and limiting energy! #positivevibes #goodvibrations

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