Ashley Richardson (@its_meeee_ash)

Explored the Massacre Grounds today with two of my favorite people! Such an interesting hike...didn’t make it all the way to the end, I think we were a mile away, but there’s always next time! 😍👌🏼🌵#hiking#adventure#arizona#nature#explore#lostduchman#superstitionmountains#saturday#gorgeous

Briauna Mariah (@briaunamariah)

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome relationship with my mom. Having a young mom to laugh with rocks 🙌 #superstitionmountains #todayinAZ

Lee Boren (@itsleeboren)

Saguaro Cactus.

Gray (@graygraham51)

Beautiful morning for a photo shoot with the Bennetts and Blasers
#az #superstitionmountains #cactus #desert #saturday #mesa #family

Jim Keay (@keayjim)

Goldfield Ghost Town, Apache Junction, AZ with the Superstition Mountains in the background #az #apachejunction #superstitionmountains

David Cullum (@davidc1102)

Took Aidan up to Flatiron today!! A little cool up here right now. But so worth the views!!! Love it!!! #superstitionmountains #flatironaz #siphondraw #hikingwithmyson #hikeaz #hiking #lovehiking

oh, no. jacqueline. (@ohnojacqui)

Missing some dusty trails this morning 🌵😒 (and the weather is pure perfection!). Hiking provides me the space + solitude to gather my thoughts + recharge. Other times, I can stomp around the wilderness & really leave it all out there. Leave all the negative & leave with good vibes only. It’s my go-to place for everything. .
You can imagine then how miserable I am (have been). It’s been just over a week since my last hike, & it has me on edge. I’m in dire need of both the calmness + adventure that I can only get out in the wild. The calmness to make peace w/ 🍋 🍋 thrown at you + the adventure to get rid of all the negativity that’s been festering. I need to trust the path, make peace w/ it, and keep pushing through. I also need to get rid of this anger. It’s easy to get angry when you’re physically restricted. I’m trying my best to see it for what it is - “just rest those lungs. breathe in those breathing treatments. relax. just rest those lungs so you can get back out there, dummy.” But when hiking is your only vice-worthy habit, it’s easy to get angry w/ yourself when your crappy lungs are the only thing standing in your way of some sanity. But if we are being thought process goes: if I can start my day by getting through a hike then I can get through the rest of the day, and if I can do that then I can get through a day of therapy, and if I can get through a day of therapy then eventually I will be able to get through whatever 🍋 Life tosses me. At least, as gracefully as I possibly can. “Just aim true.”
Not the best thought process, I’m sure, but it’s what works for me and it helps me to hold myself accountable. Also, I’m usually mistaken for a homebody, & while I typically just smile politely w/o correction, I’m a wild moonchild. Only hiking appeases that wild hunger & I’m also very fortunate to have a state park + the Superstition Wilderness as a backyard. .
Happy Saturday! 🌸🌵 What’s your safe/happy place? What are some of your #selfcare routines? How do you hold yourself accountable?
#foodforthought #perspective #goodvibesonly #az #hiking #superstitionmountains #superstitionwilderness #cancer #happytrails #mentalhealth