Raysa (@rj_blondie16)

If you are still asking yourself why Herbalife Nutrition? Well it’s simple, it’s the #1 nutrition company in the world... go ahead Google it if you must!
Everything in life takes time, hard work & consistency.

Check out my HerbaSis Walessa, she’s a full-time RN, with a hectic schedule.
The following is journey in her own words: “I started exactly two years ago with a December challenge. As you can see from the look on my face, I was sooo not excited to take that picture.
1. Because I realized my version of working out and “eating healthy” for 3 years wasn’t working
2. I didn’t want anyone to see that
After sucking it up and accepting the changes to get results, I was able to lose 20lbs. Back down to High School weight, and I felt sooooooo good. As you can see I lost some booty along the way. But that was okay because working on myself became a permanent thing, not a quick diet fix. Through consistency and using the Herbalife 24 line I’ve been able to gain almost 5lbs of lean muscle, in all the right places 😉🍑
Your body WILL change. Be fearless, be consistent, and trust the process.” Take a moment to fill out a free wellness evaluation by clicking on the link in my bio, DM me for further details!
Don’t wait for the NEW Year to make a positive change in your life, let today be the start of something NEW! 🍃
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Studio VaVaVoom (@arizonaburlesque)

Our #BurlesqueUnfiltered challenge ends this Friday. You do not have to be nominated in order to participate! This campaign was created out of a desire to show our baby birds, our students, and our community that the bedazzled entertainers are human too and to give these newer burlesquers confidence to be themselves. We also wanted to "set free" some of our more seasoned performers to encourage them to be in the moment and raw. We wanted to show them their community unfiltered: no hairdo, no make up, no costuming. We posed two challenges; post a selfie #RawBeauty OR post video doing a first take, improvisational, freestyle dance with no costuming, no make up, no hairdo. Just feeling the moment, the music and themselves. Surprisingly, we have seen more participate in the tougher freestyle challenge than in the no make up selfie challenge. This campaign has been enjoyable to watch unfold and has been a boon for confidence for those who have participated! We are eager to see how this wraps up this Friday. A winner of a free eight week session at #StudioVaVaVoom will be announced next weekend. But even if you don't reside in the valley, we encourage you to participate because as we have seen, this challenge has boosted confidence ! #arizonaburlesque #burlesqueaz #azburlesque #nakedface #improvisation #freestyle #dancechallenge #burlesque #burlesquechallenge #confidence #bodypositivity #supportivecommunity #daretobebare #femmepowerment #strongwoman #buildingabetterme #smashgoals #queens #slay

alicemarydesigns (@alicemarydesigns)

A fabulous inaugural #alicemarydesigns Garden Pop up Shop couldn't have done it without my gals @annajmcleish & @sueymcleish & Daddy holding the fort! Also Thankyou to my beautiful friends out there that came & supported my idea ... you know who you are!! #beautifulfriends #supportivecommunity & a surprise visit from my fairy godmother all the way from Gunnedah💗 only a few bits & bobs left however I am taking orders on some materials so let me know if anything caught your idea. Stunning cornflower pots left... they would've my pick. #lookingforwardtosomehashtags of all the bits in their new homes 💕

Signs of Our Lives (@signsofourlives)

Happy Sunday, friends! Hope your day is getting off to a great start. I am so so thankful to have worked with so many of you this year, and can’t wait to work with more brides + grooms in the coming year on their wedding pieces!

As the year is coming to a close, @signsofourlives will not be taking any more orders for the rest of December and January.

If you’re thinking about getting a custom piece done as a gift, or for your wedding after January 2018, I will be continuing to respond to your email inquiries. •
And as always, I truly appreciate your continued support! I hope to one day take this business on full time and work with more of you in the future.

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emilygrace (@emilygl_)

Pay attention to the vibes you give yourself. Are you sending yourself positive messages throughout the day? Are you sending yourself love and appreciation for growing and developing in who you are? Do you send out goodness to the rest of the world, and convince yourself you’re not worthy of it? Yeah. I’ve been there. Wanting the whole world to feel loved and appreciated and then tearing myself down every chance I got. Don’t neglect sending yourself some goodness, some love, and some nurture. Focus on having energy with intent on being peaceful with who you are. Peace comes natural for some, and others you gotta make that CHOICE to get there. Peace won’t happen accidentally for some of us, you have to get there ON purpose, by recognizing that you HAVE purpose in being you as you are and grow there. Get good at sending good vibes out into the world, and include yourself. #blockbadvibes #youredope #Believeit #ownyourvibes #positiveenergy #treatyoselftolove

Soulful Camp for Adults (@soul_camp)

When you’re nervous, unsure, questioning where to go: you know your #soulcamp tribe has your back. Tag a soul friend you’re grateful for this Thursday 💕

Conor and Brittany (@conorandbrittany)

Filming acro shots and waiting like a little pod on the floor. Check out our full Intro to Acro Series at ConorandBrittany.com/acro

SLOW FASHION WORLD (@slowfashionworld)

THANK YOU #SlowFashionCommunity! over 500 in our network. Want to join? (link in profile)

We are so happy to grow this creative, supportive and talented community. Remember together we can do this. #WeareSlowFashion
Stay tuned!
The founding team and our amazing change-makers are here to grow your conscious business. We are creating together, as a community, amazing resources for your business and brand, share tips, offer city guides and soon announcing our slow travel retreats for 2018. -
Can we ask you something?

We want you to share with the community your wins, concerns, questions and collaborate the best possible ways. -
Thursdays in our community are dedicated for
Thursday support. Tell us HOW CAN WE SUPPORT YOU? #SlowFashionCommunity

emilygrace (@emilygl_)

The difference between the left pic and the right pic is more than dieting, training, and cardio. Those parts are components to a mere weight/fat loss equation. An equation that with the right information, support, and guidance ANYONE can achieve. The REAL difference between these two pics is someone that had ZERO power over her anxiety and someone that actively participates in the management of it. Fitness helped me understand the POWER between the mind body connection in such a visual way that it ignited a new understanding of how to apply this concept to the natural treatment of my anxiety. Fitness catapulted my understanding in how to grow as a person and the importance of COMMITTING yourself to growing and developing inside and out. The left pic I was in a really sad, overwhelmed place and everything going on at that time was directly linked to my relationship with anxiety. Going on a fitness journey was one of the best decisions I made for my mental health and I am dying to expose this under-dosed treatment to even just one person that REALLY needs it. If you are someone that struggles with anxiety and also has an inkling of a fitness or weight loss goal: I encourage you to go after that goal and message me if you need help!

Keish "Like the Food" Mitchell (@iamkeishmitchell)

Family! Enjoying the gift grab at the Volunteer dinner for Harvest Family Success Center. We had a blast. I could’ve stolen this cooking apron when I had the chance. I made up for it with a big glass of Pinot Grigio. 🥂

Nisha Shah-Fitness and Health (@nisha_shah_x)

...and this is why I LOVE what I do sooo much! 😄🙌💞
Doing it alone is hard enough, trust me I know!! Which is why I am there for my challengers 24/7, keeping them on track and helping them to reach their goals.
We can all workout , go to the gym and do what we can, but staying in the zone day after day can become difficult and monotonous and slowly but surely your enthusiasm fades. .
Having a support network, and one individual by your side 24/7 to lift you when you're down and applaud you when you succeed makes a HUGE difference!
I'm soooo proud of this wonderful challenger of mine for picking herself back up and carrying on when she was so ready to quit. Good for you girl! I cannot wait to see her brilliant results as she nears the end of her 30 day challenge 😊
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Marjorie Mallon (@mjmallonauthor)

First up to join in the #ABRSC Christmas/New Year blog hop party is @colleen_chesebro with her review of author Annette Rochelle Aben's new collection of tanka poems: A Tanka Picture Book. 5 star review on Colleen's blog: colleenchesebro.com. Join in the read and review and support an independent author this Christmas. More details on my blog: https://mjmallon.com or on our dedicated FB page: Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club. New members (reviewers/authors) welcome.
#indieauthor #supportivecommunity
#bookreviews #ABRSC #authors #writers #bloggers #reviewers #bookstagram #collaborative #group #club

Meghan Anne (@meghanbunchman)

✨What are you investing in this holiday season?!✨ Tangible items or 👯friendships, ✈️ travel, 🍋 health and 🧘🏼‍♀️community... #personalgrowth #focusedattention

Studio VaVaVoom (@arizonaburlesque)

#Repost @delphinedelmar (@get_repost)
Celebrating my raw beauty for the #burlesqueunfiltered challenge @arizonaburlesque. I nominate @mae.b.koi to show her beautiful ##Repost @delphinedelmar (@get_repost)
@delphinedelmar presents a fresh squeaky clean face wearing the best "makeup" money can't buy, A SMILE!
Studio VaVaVoom is driving a campaign #burlesqueunfiltered to highlight the natural beauty of burlesque after the stage lights have dimmed and the applause has silenced. Naked faces, everyday street clothes and vulnerability in #improv #freestyle #dance challenge our community to share their #rawbeauty ✨ #arizonaburlesque #bodypositivity #bodyconfidence #femmepowerment #supportivecommunity #allshapesandsizes #studiovavavoom #vavavoom #burlesqueaz

LesleyD44 (@lesleyd44)

The countdown to New Year’s is on 🎉🎉🎉 and with it, comes all of the New Years Resolutions!… One of the top being losing weight and getting healthy. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Did you know that most people never stick to their resolutions? Over 90% of people bite off more than they can chew and end up giving up on their resolutions before they ever impact their lives! 🙈 The statistics are scary. We’ve all experienced unfulfilled resolutions in some way or another.
Well, what if this year was different? 🎊🎊🎊
What if we forget the resolutions and instead, focus on making shifts in our habits NOW?! .
What if you were able to avoid the extra weight gain that usually comes with the Holidays and instead ring in the New Year looking and feeling AMAZING!? 💃🏼🕺🏼
What if you had a system in place that allowed you to ENJOY the holidays and make progress in your wellness goals without feeling like you are denying yourself? .
What if you had an amazing community of like-minded people supporting you in your goals and helping you stay on track throughout? .
Well that is what our upcoming ‘HOLIDAY SUCCESS GROUP’ is all about... 🤗 and we are SO FREAKIN EXCITED about it❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ .
If you are ready to make a change and would love to have a proven system in place to help you navigate the holidays, avoid the extra weight gain and ring in the New Year looking and feeling your best, this Group & system is for you!
You will:
⛄️Release Extra Weight
⛄️Gain Lean Muscle
⛄️Regain Your Energy
⛄️Sleep Better
⛄️Improve your Performance in the Gym
⛄️Change your Diet because it is lacking in superfood nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
You will have access to:
🎁Healthy Holiday Recipes
🎁A proven fat burning system
🎁Cheat sheets on navigating holiday parties 🎁A community of thousands working towards the same goals
🎁Workout guidance and ideas
🎁Meal Plans .
The GROUP is ready to kick off over the next week and is open to anyone that is ready to hit the reset button!!! Comment below or inbox me asap for details!!!

Alisha Christie (@unleashfitliving)

My favourite thing at the moment is connecting with a bunch of women and empowering them to BELIEVE their potential is unlimited!! That their worth is already 10 out of 10 before their feet got the floor every morning! I was privileged enough today to share that with this beautiful bunch of souls on the Central Coast. Oh, and we also moved our bodies too!
To support them from here they’ve joined my online Facebook support group for women 👉🏼 You can too! Just click the link in my bio and it will take you there xx
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