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STORY DEDICATED TO PET OWNERS♥️ANIMAL LOVERS. **************************** Cantaloupe, the Story

A story where innocent pets become ensnared by their owner's problems.
Tangled lives weaving a tapestry of love and compassion, or, of dishonesty and mayhem. Either way, the Canaloupe Story is intriguing, mystifying, and heart rendering.
A story to fall in love with. ******************************
Don't miss what happens next to an ordinary orange tabby cat, called Cantaloupe, that is in the charge of a rich spinster named Isabella.
Isabella's cold heart only has room for her selfish needs, and that of her precious pug dog, Fido.
Cantaloupe has been dumped on Prudence, the house-sitter, so Isabella and Fido are free to jet-set to Dubai.
After winning her millions in the Powerball Lottery, the notorious Isabella has famous plans for her and her beloved Fido-Wido, none of which include unloved and unwanted Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is officially up for adoption, and as far as the thoughtless Isabella is concerned, the sooner someone takes Cantaloupe off her hands, the better! *********************************
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В такую погоду мы с Алиской любим проводить время так. А в принципе мы в любую погоду любим проводить время так

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