Francesca Ronchi Ghiso (@fanchonlacousette)

Among so many bad news, Italy is hit today by the incredible discovery in #rome of part of a Roman #domus incredibly preserved although partially hit by a fire (food, frescoes, even furniture...) And there, beyond a closen door, the skeleton of a dog, probably waiting for his master #faithfulldog This news really affected and thrilled me. Mankind should be thoroughly grateful to dogs for centuries of faithfull and unconditioned love, the same love I can experience each day with my sweet little Penny #pennythedog #sweetdog #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog

Jackson ❤️ Golden Retriever 🐾🐾 (@jackson_goldi)

Ich muss erstmal schauen, was draußen los ist und einen Blick aus dem Fenster wagen.
#goldenretriever #jacksongoldenlove #besterhund #ilovemydog #sweetdog

Pippa's Goldendoodles (@pippasdoodles)

Getting a pup can be one of the best decisions you make for your family but not all dogs are good family dogs. Doodles and retrievers are the sweetest and so perfect for families with littles.