Joseph Khan dissed to Katy Perry.

Katy Perry released a song called "Swish Swish" from Witness and this is told this song about Taylor Swift.

Joseph Kahn;
"If you're gonna do a diss track,at least put a decent hook in it."
- - - -
Joseph Khan,Katy Perry'e diss attı.

Katy Perry,Witness albümünden Nicki Minaj işbirliği ile "Swish Swish" adında yeni bir şarkı yayınladı ve bu şarkının Taylor Swift hakkında olduğu konuşuluyor.

Joseph Kahn da Katy'e diyorki;
"Eğer bir diss parçası yapacaksan,en azından insanların ilgisini çekebileceğin şeyler koy." #josephkahn #katyperry #taylorswift

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Taylor Swifties (@swifties4787)

Goodnight and lets pray for Ariana Grande and everyone at the manchester concert. #taylorwift #swifties #prayformanchester #swiftieforever #arianagrade #sleepwell

milla (@shakeitlikeswift22)

"My thoughts, prayer and tears for all those affected by the Manchester tragedy tonight. I'm sending all my love." - Taylor via twitter

Nicole🐱💕 (@cantstopswift)

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who are affected in Manchester.Nobody deserves this.
We are with you Ari please stay strong.❤️ #prayformanchester


I am still reeling from the attack, and I don't even know why this one has affected me the most yet.
Maybe it is because there is music involved. A concert. A artist performing for their fans, an arena of happiness and music and love and hope. And something so terrible happens in the one place we as fans, consider as a second home or even the only home! "An attack on the youth"
How do you begin to explain to children and young people that they can't enjoy music anymore without remembering this attack!
I hope this brings all the Fandoms and fans together to fight with love. Only love can overpower hate!
#PrayForManchester #directioner #selenators #beliebers #lovatics #shawnmendesarmy #swifties #ariantors #katykats #camilizers #harmonizers #smilers #army