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A big goal I have for this Season O' Gains is increasing my back width as well as thickness, making my biceps pop a bit more and to obliterate my legs into growth. Easier said than done but I'm confident... LET'S GET IT! #backday #rowsforthehoes #backattack #staybuffstaybearded #thepumpisthecure

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3️⃣ more Monday’s until January 1
3️⃣ more workouts until 21 days of Shifting is completed
3️⃣ more days until the pre- launch of a new program
3️⃣ people i am looking for to do it with me👩
I know it is the holidays and you really don’t want to have one more thing on your list of things to do ... but i guarantee you will have MORE ENERGY to get everything done and BE HAPPIER if you invest in your health NOW.
3️⃣ weeks is no time at all... if you are curious ... just take the first step and send me a message #nevermissamonday #teamwork #yearendresolutions

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Follow @ripped.shredded for gym motivation
Follow @ripped.shredded for gym motivation

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Happier than before🎈

Benjamin Teo (@benteojr)

#offseason bulking. Not sure how'd I'm supposed to look during the off season actually. But heck, train harder and dieting harder (ok maybe not that much harder, I still want my Ben and Jerry's). But gonna try to get tighter and bigger, work on my weak areas and see where I can go from here.