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In the spirit of the season🎄🎁🍍🐜 we're offering free delivery in Sydney. Prepare for guests or send a gift. Use promo code FREESYDNEY.

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Ginger week...
How to select and store ginger.

Mature ginger has a tough skin that requires peeling. Fresh ginger can be stored in the fridge for up to three weeks if it is left unpeeled. Whenever possible, choose fresh ginger over dried since it is superior in flavour and contains higher levels of the active component gingerol.
The root should be fresh looking, firm, smooth and free of mould with no signs of decay or wrinkled skin. If choosing dry ginger, keep it in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark dry place for no more than six months.

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A week of 2017 highlights.
In September we welcomed the 1st grandson for Roger.
He is part of the 4th generation that we might see driving a forklift one day!

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CHOP.. CHOP!! When I’m a guest in someone’s house I usually try to pay them back with the best of my abilities... (majority of the time they ask me to cook) sometimes they ask me to do some heavy work .. this time I was asked to do this !! to face the freezing winter coming Our way.. and I freaking enjoyed it!! #kocienice #homemade #foodtrip #warsawfood #warsaw #travel #eurotrip #winter #xmas #poland #sydneyeats #sydneyfood #goodfood #traditions #sydneyfoodie #sydneyfoodies #sydneyfoodblogger #warsawfoodie #polishfood #italianfoodbloggers#sydneyfoodblog #sydneyfoodblogger #sydneyfoodshare #sydneyfoodbloggers #polandfood#sydneychefs #choppingwood #wood #woodchopping

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Hot Milk Tea
HKD 11

Finally having a short break to visit Macau. We walked from the Casino to this small cha chaan teng, and ordered this traditional milk tea. We needed to use the filter to separate the tea residue when pouring it to the cup filled with milk. The taste is really amazing and i could say this milk tea is the best i ever had.😍 it is far more better than those milk tea with pearls💫

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Alejandro Alcántara, @aleentrefogones el chef gaditano formado en las cocinas de Martín Berasategui (tres estrellas Michelin), Eneko Atxa (tres estrellas Michelin) y Sergi Arola (dos estrellas Michelin) que pasó una temporada en Londres y en Brasil donde trabajó con Alex Atala, uno de los mejores chefs de Sudamérica y que con tan solo 23 años era jefe de cocina (también conocido por trabajar en programas de televisión como ‘Masterchef’ o ‘Cocineros al volante’) abrió en Julio de 2015, su propio restaurante en Madrid; ‘Bache’ @bacheresta , y tras dos años de bagaje su proyecto llega a Sevilla @bachesevilla

Con productos de mar como las ortiguillas o la corvina, vinos de su tierra como manzanillas y finos, y tapas clásicas readaptadas a su forma de ver la cocina como la ‘Ensaladilla de carabineros con emulsión de sus cabezas’ pretende conquistar el estómago y los paladares de la capital andaluza. Están localizados en la Plaza del Cristo de Burgos, su local es luminoso, colorido y predominan azulejos y maderas en todo el espacio.

Agua fresca que llega a esta ciudad y una nueva opción a la hora de salir ‘a tapear’ por Sevilla

By Álvaro Salmerón @tapean2 - GastroTotem

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"SARDINIAN 'CULURGIONES' PIZZA🍕(Potato, Ricotta, Pecorino, Mint, Tomato, Folded Artisan Sourdough Pizza Dough)" @altaglio_theartofpizza~ That's the thing I think 'We' are ahead of Melbourne or at least more artisanal or even more skilful than most, unless you are blind or bias or something...

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Bucatini, house made bottarga, papanui egg yolk. Don’t ask me what all that means but it looks good! 😊

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Gracias a Álvaro Arbeloa y Toshio Tsutsui por acoger a la Junta Directiva de la Academia en el nuevo Takumi de Málaga. Aprovechamos para hacer la entrega del libro de Reservas #FreixenetAAGT @Freixenet #HaciendoAcademia #HaciendoAndalucia

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Day 1 - Hightea at Gunners Barracks in Mosman. Now if you google best highteas in Sydney, this will come up as no. 1 Why? Views views views!
This is a popular wedding venue because the restaurant is a beautiful heritage sandstone building nestled on top of a cliff with stunning views of the Sydney Harbour ( Really can’t ask for much more 😉)
Of course their scones are to die for. And finger sandwiches delicious. You can also order ala carte if you are very hungry or not a huge hightea fan.
NB: There are kookaburras(native Australian birds who may come to steal your food from a nearby tree, so be ready to fend them off ( that is why my hand is on the table in the pic 😂) @gunnersbarracks
Nini stars 🌟
View: 4.5/5
Food: 4/5
Overall: 4.5 - Will definitely go back

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Coffee friends are the best friends ☕️💕☕️