casper (@astrokats)

Dope live set video coming soon. @invt305

Violet Vibe (@violetvibemusic)

Enjoy it! check out Violet Vibe on "The Prime Thanatos" youtube channel! big thanks for their support and yours! have a great weekend!

JoshuaJ (@j0shuaj)

It’s all about that Vintage 🎹 all sounds except drums are the Yamaha DX7. Love these old dusty keys.

Elijah El-Amin (@elaminelijah)

Wrote this song months ago, didn't like the end result, waited a few more months, revised it, and now it's perfect. It's called "Things We Used To Do".
Yes, I am an actor, but I am a music producer as well. ;)

B a n g a l o r e B l u e (@bangalore_blue)

The first single Made On Earth By Humans by Bangalore Blue is now available, listen to it on Deezer.

Chris Norman (@normtronics)

DAY 60 part 2. Has to show a preview. It sounding pretty good so far. There’s something about the dynamics you get from hardware synths that you just can’t get in software #synths #maschine #moog #korg #beats #beatmaking #vibes #music #maschinemk3 #nativeinstruments #hardware