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Hello Everyone 🐹

I hope your all doing well. All the pets are really good, I bought some things today (all the stuff in packets) so that's a mini haul. All this is for the hamsters. Can anyone guess what I'm making? I might try and make something for the gerbils out of it all too. The hamsters are settling in really well and I have two baby Russian hamsters from the Squeaks and Wheeks Rescue branch in Newry that will be coming in soon. So that's exciting! It's from one of the litters taken on by some accidental breeding. Should I take on a pair of boys or girls? Haven't decided yet, I'll take whatever can't find a good home probably. I'll need name ideas too. I normally don't include it on this account but I also have a Pony, I did some cross country schooling with him yesterday and he was an angel! That was great fun 🏇🏼 but unfortunately no pictures. Thanks everyone
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