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Aujourd'hui c'était interview sur tele sud . Diffusion très prochainement #Promo #tètchaje

Alexandra V D PIERRE (@biulexa)

Contraste : verdure à gauche Vs constructions anarchiques à droite 👉 #Ayiticheri#PétionVille#tètchaje

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ATTENTION :: @darlinedesca ap voye dlo ---- #poupe #haiti "Antouka pandan pakèt pale anpil la. Chaje poupe tou vivan kap mache sou nou. Depi w kite sevèl la vid se nan bout anba a selman w kwè, ou paka kenbe yon konvèsasyon serye pou 5 minit ak yon moun poupe w ye." #limena #tètchaje

Mr. AlCol, Le DJ (@iam.alcol)

Map Okap 22 desanm rèd!!!
Mpral pran plezim, mpral bwè byè, mpral byen pase an mòd Afro Full Otomatik ak moun anwo nan Nò! ⏬
Tonton Nwèl ap pase bonè ane sa !
#SaBonWi #AfrOkap #Afro #DJ #Event #Peyanm #MounAnm #TètChaje

Muriel (Lily) C Paul (@iammumulilytu)

#BeYoutifulU challenge with @cuchira Part 1
I have the make 2 posts because it's long and all that long intells.
The Mind diet.
I, MuMuLiLyTu, promise to eliminate old beliefs mechanism that are constantly feeding my mind poison, stuff the ego likes, to keep me away from my ultimate potential. I promise to commit to journaling, as a step to help toward the mind detox. I will only feed my mind high frequency vibrational content only for now and forever, in this timeline, past present and future and all other simultaneous timeline with their past present and future. Thank you!
I will elaborate in the next post. 🤗
Love rises 💗
#cantbelieveiamabouttopostthis #tètchaje

Muriel (Lily) C Paul (@iammumulilytu)

This is an extension of journaling. Small cup of coffee and little sugar this morning. Then i come back home from dropping the little Sun to school and my mind literally thought, :" i smell coffee, one cup and then...No.... its tea time" so i went to get some fèy sitronèl ak bazilik .... citronella and basilica.... the papaya tree is right in the middle of them. And. No sugar added.... i was proposed sugar cane syrup because no honey.... then i was like Ego you need to be quiet and not trick me in the most rawness form of sugar instead thank you...😊 all the Haitians at home already predicting the rain... yes... it will storm... Muriel is giving up the sugary caffeinated drink oh so goddess Muriel helps me.
#tètchaje #thecleanse #BeYoutifulU #notosugar #notocoffee

P.S peep my straight arm in #bakasana 😉 #yogalove #yogaprogress

Alix (@nursealix)

Took two brave boys to get teeth pulled today. Here, it costs almost three times as much to have a cleaning than to have a tooth pulled #gofigure #tètchaje