plasticfreescnsw (@plasticfreescnsw)

Sorting the rubbish collected at Ulladulla Harbour this morning for AMDI.
Great work to all who joined in this Sea Shepherd and Take 3 clean up.

Sacha Guggenheimer (@sunflowerfishh)

Y i n g Y a n g.
The light and dark sides of mans creativity. A short stroll on my home beach delivers handfuls of plastic, and a pebble love heart left behind for passersby. Both bring joy for a few moments, but one lasts forever. Look to the ying, the incredible light of your creative potential to overcome this widespread environmental pollution. Stop consuming single-use plastics and think of other ways to recreate your every day with the vision of a plastic free future. #saveourseas

Buckskin Acres (@buckskinacres)

"I hate farm dinners and pasture to plate experiences" - donkey. . .
#ranchdog #ranchersredcarpet #take3

Katie Bienvenue (@kabienvenue)

LOOK WHAT ARRIVED TODAY!!! #EastOfEli in NYC, IT'S OFFICIALLY HAPPENING!! #Take2, well really #Take3 #eoeexperience @eastofeli @chy_leigh