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If we ever dare to switch our #mindset and work like a #clock...
Imagine all the #possibilities

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📌📌 Join Silver Executive Tammy Bruha Kliewer on the FITTEAM Morning Motivation Call! Dial in @ 11AM EST!

Dial: 641.715.3670
Pin: 443469#

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀!!

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Off to play some musical chairs: “G is for Give. All the things we can do. Your time and your talent are treasures too. It’s not just about what you have in the bank. How you’ll be praised. Or how you’ll be thanked. ‘Cuz the most “well-off” people are those who live with their arms and hearts open.
Ready to Give.”
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Amka Pamoja means Rise Together. And these Radical kids are refugees that are now part of our Nashville community. Every Saturday, they come to our Amka Pamoja tutoring project focused on education and wellness so we learn and create and move our bodies and have so much fun!

Our R is for @rise_tochange. @alittleradical , we would love for you to join us on your visit to Nashville 💙

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Mindful March. I can’t say enough times how much this calendar from @actionhappiness is helping me to think positive and stay in the moment this month. Here is the action for yesterday. It kept me calm when I was trying to get myself and 2 children out of the house - one to his grandparents’ house to relax and recover some more from his illness whilst I took the other to her swimming class with @waterbabiesleic_rutland. I slowed down, stayed calm and we got to class on time, in spite of road closures and heavy traffic. Plus I was happy and relaxed so little lady (who always picks up my mood) and I got more out of the class. 💚

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Green sea turtles and many other beloved ocean animals would be extinct if not for the Endangered Species Act. 💡#WCID: Tell your members of Congress to #StopExtinction by following the link in @oceana ’s bio.
📸: OCEANA / Eduardo Sorensen #oceanconservation #seaturtles #takeaction #marinelife #morethanaslacktivist

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....lazy saturday after a great lunch with a nice woman. Dreaming of the trip to Miami Beach . #purehappiness #takeaction #relax #coffeetime #feelinggood #pictureoftheday #weekend

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Happy #stpatricksday 🍀 Wear green, eat green, drink green, and take this as an opportunity to do something fun with your kiddos. Once we are funded and fully established, we’ll be sharing recipes and fun activities for days like this. We can’t wait! #singlemom

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Tough times don’t last, but tough people do...🙌🏽 Hellohi its me i’m back🙋🏼‍♀️ So what a week its been. Reality check - life isn’t always gonna be full of sunshine and daisies, but the important thing is that we fill it up with the things what bring us happiness and fill us with love & laughter❤️ Recently i’ve been in a place where i’ve felt lost, a place where i haven’t been able to vision my future or who i’m destined to be - deep AF i know... but yesterday i met some likeminded people and spent the morning doing something i love to do, surrounded with positive go-getter attitudes, & just like that i felt like myself again. I heard some lyrics from a Disney song (because who doesn’t love Disney🧚🏼‍♀️) - “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do”... this is so true. I’ve been through so many ups and downs, fought through shitty situations, but no matter how messed up a situation or circumstance may have been i’ve always come through it at the other end... and that IG fam, no matter how bad of a situation you may be in, THAT is all that matters❤️🌟 - Anyway, here is a pic of my current posterior chain in comparison to last Aug/September (Scroll right).. I wasn’t feeling too confident about posting it because i can see a few imbalances and things to work on - AKA Lat width, Way more booty needed & Shoulder balancing BUT hey ho *love me or leave me, no filters or edits this is me*🤷🏼‍♀️☺️ .
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