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Happy Monday everyone. Oh how I’ve missed doing a 3day week, roll on Christmas holidays

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NYANG NYANG BEACH feeling high and free. And the multiple stages of a insta photo. Tricep dip at its best 💪 ha

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I had forgotten all about this picture until it got resent to me the other day. If there is something everyone should remember this holiday season it’s this... tell your loved ones how much you care for them, take in the moments of pure joy, step back and really appreciate being with family and friends. Look into the eyes of the people you love and submerse yourself in feelings of happiness. Holidays aren’t about gifts and money... they are about family, friends and love. Take a few moments to slow down and make memories. I’m happy I had the time with people who are no longer with us, and the ability to remember the good times. #celebratefamily #holdyourlovedones #hugmore #thischristmas #takeinthemoment #foodforthought #appreciationpost

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@onesalonandspa I’m sure like many today, you’d like to stay in bed. But like many of you, you’ve got crazy amount of things to do. That being said - take a breather at some point today. Enjoy the beauty do the snow. Enjoy the orb in the sky after so many grey days. Enjoy the belting out Journey in your car....or is that just me? Bottom line, busy, doesn’t mean not enjoying. Happy Week before Christmas everyone. 💗🎁
@onesalonandspa #loveyourlife #busylife #takeabreath #takeinthemoment #gratitude #holidayseason

onesalonandspa (@onesalonandspa)

I’m sure like many today, you’d like to stay in bed. But like many of you, you’ve got crazy amount of things to do. That being said - take a breather at some point today. Enjoy the beauty do the snow. Enjoy the orb in the sky after so many grey days. Enjoy the belting out Journey in your car....or is that just me? Bottom line, busy, doesn’t mean not enjoying. Happy Week before Christmas everyone. 💗🎁
@onesalonandspa #loveyourlife #busylife #takeabreath #takeinthemoment #gratitude #holidayseason

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ULUWATU BEACH putting on a display of pure hotness. Loved every moment of walking down the cliff with chilled cafes and bars before climbing through the rocks to find this beauty.

Kara Baldwin (@hunter.n.traveller)

Afternoons like this at BINGIN BEACH, Uluwatu. Bingin Beach is where we decided to stay after a recommendation from a friend, and I’m glad we did. Our accomodation was smack bang between Bingin and Dreamland and lucky for us we had the whole 12 villa place to ourselves. Good for us but bad for the locals, the volcano situation and Australian media have been really bad for balinese business. Here is our travel journal :

Even with happy hour we didn’t find food or drinks on the beach within our budget. But drinks would range from $AUD $5-10 for those who aren’t on our measly travel Allowance of AUD $65 per day. That’s 2 people food, drinks, heaps of booze and transport-Accom budget was seperate

We took our own drinks to the beach. We collected 4 big Bintang from the local store for cheap and packed them in double plastic bag with ice... perfection

We chose to spend our first Uluwatu sunset at bingin, it was really nice. However, top spots would be uluwatu beach or sunset point. 💡 A great idea is to hire some boards and paddle out to watch the sunset in the ocean

A local seafood seller sets up tables and chairs to sell dinner at sunset on Bingin. Again, budget stopped us from enjoying this delight but it looked and smelt amazing •
Went for a swim at dusk and got waist deep when I heard people yelling at me about a shark. Needless to say I bounded out. It would have been a reef shark but I still wasn’t going to hang around to check 🦈🙅‍♀️.... not without the GoPro atleast ha !

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No filter needed. Yes that’s ice in the water. I actually got a video worth sharing and have a lot more videos and pictures. Botanical gardens in Denver were amazing 😊 #nofilter #denver #denveradventures #botanicalgarden #christmaslights #snowflakes #whitelights #water #ice #takeinthemoment #adventure #shenanigans #waterflowing #coldnights

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🙌💜🤣🧚🏼‍♀️For every single perfectly posed, excellently lighted, most artificially angled, make believe shot there are these moments. The “in-between” moments that are real. They aren’t perfect. They aren’t posed. You aren’t “ready”. These raw, real moments are the images I love the most. In a day and age where we are letting life pass us by in order to have a “perfect post” I love when I see people just being lost in a laugh. Being sidetracked by a glance. Truly connecting with loved ones and not buried so deeply in their devices that they are missing the connections that truly count. Don’t measure your self worth in how many likes, followers, or empty attention you’re getting. Take the time to figure out what matters to you at the core of your being most. Find it. Nurture it. Chase it. Don’t give up until you’re living the life you’ve always dreamed of and are worthy of living🙌💜🤣🧚‍♀️#smartcookiefitness #coachcookiefit #thiscookieissugarfree #takeinthemoment #laughteristhebestmedicine

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The carved out sandstone cliff face before the trek down the mountain to NYANG NYANG BEACH, Uluwatu. What a view. Other than some local fisherman we were the only ones on the beach

Kara Baldwin (@hunter.n.traveller)

The forest meets the sea at this deserted semi undiscovered beach in Uluwatu: NYANG NYANG BEACH. Other than a few local fisherman and a traveller who looked like tom hanks from castaway who was living in a tent near the beach, there was no one else here. Here is what we’ve learnt so far and our travel journal •

•Stumbled across this beauty by accident on one of our motorbike explorations. There was a sign pointing to the beach so we followed it to the end and had quite a hike ahead of us - video will be the next post
•A road down to the beach is being built but at the moment it’s just a carved sandstone path through the cliff face and down the mountain, which made it all the more fun trying not to blow a plug on our thongs
•A donation is requested to help build the road and keep the area clean, there’s a donation box on the way in / out
•We wish we’d been more prepared with suncream, water and food as we would have stayed all day. There are a few stalls at the top on cliff before you head down, stock up! •The hike back up the mountain was hellish and hot but having the view to look back on again made it worth every muscle burn •This time next year the road will likely be finished so get in quick before the secluded spot is discovered by more beach seeking tourists •Parking is free and like most places safe to leave your helmets with the bike

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🍃🌻Oh this has gotta be the good life!🌻🍃
My adventurous soul is thriving, my free spirit is soaring, and...
🎶When you're happy like a fool,
Let it take you over!
When everything is out
You gotta take it in🎶
#hawaiihike #newheights #intenisty #lookthroughmyeyes
#thankfulforfriends #newadventures #gottalivelife #takeinthemoment #goodthingsarecoming #goodthingsarehere #makingmyway #honolulu #unrealhawaii #lifeincolor #livelifetothefullest

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One of the popular beaches in Uluwatu is PADANG-PADANG BEACH. We got lucky with the weather as most days have been semi overcast thanks to wet season, but not this day. Here is what we’ve learnt so far:

•There are 2 Padang-Padang beaches: one accessible by bike on a unsealed rocky road (this is signed) and the other on foot from the main road via an entrance fee but Parking is available over the road •When taking the unsealed road option, parking for the bike is available and a local will securely watch over the bike and helmets for IDR 5000 (AUD $5). The beach is then a short walk downhill (more steps) to the beach. Always killer on the return journey. •Chair and umbrella can be hired but we chose to walk around the rocks and ended up finding what felt like our own secret private beach (pictured)
•Wade through the water around the rocks and you may just stumble across a your own little paradise •Enjoy

Kara Baldwin (@hunter.n.traveller)

Welcome to one of Bali’s paradise listings, ULUWATU. We stumbled across this gem lookout on our first day when we walked around Bingin in search of beach entrances and local food spots. Here is what we have learnt so far:

•LOADS of butt burning stairs to and from beaches 🍑 •Some of the beaches in Uluwatu are hidden or quite hard to find. But fear not, it’s quite easy to get around so if you miss it just loop back around. Keep an eye out for little signs pointing you in the right direction. Most streets loop back into each other or are dead ends so you just need to turn back around. If you get lost sing out for help, the locals are always friendly and happy to point you in the direction of a beach •Seen in this photo is Dreamland Beach to the right and Bingin Beach behind me... on a typical wet season overcast day •Wet season is definitely more overcast and humid but you get the odd perfect day thrown in here and there. We had an epic thunder storm and downpour this morning followed by the most intense rainbow
•After a big down pour beaches will be dirty as the rubbish and dirt around town is washed downwards. If you’re after perfect beaches, you won’t get this after a big downpour. We had a big storm early this morning so the ocean is now brown. If you want crystal clear water and pristine sand, pray for no heavy rain atleast 2 days before your beach trip. Expect this a lot of Bali beaches
•Uluwatu is a little more expensive than other locations in Bali but there are still hidden local places that you can get a big Bintang for IDR 30000 (AUD $3) and Indonesian food for IDR 20000-30000 (AUD $2-$3). Go walking or grab a bike and explore to find these gems, the locals will love you for it
•There are many fancy bars in Uluwatu and they all look amazing but we have always chose to enjoy the local wonders and delights rather than spending the same money as we would back home for a drink. But I really do recommend they be seen and enjoyed.. Single Fin views and atmosphere are to die for 💕 •These are the beaches we visited on numerous occasions: Dreamland, Bingin, Impossible, Padang-Padang, Nyang-Nyang and Uluwatu Beach (home of Single Fin) .. pics of these to