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Thanks for teaching me to take risks. This one's for you, derp. 💙💙 #gamby #missyou #takeagamble #takerisks #liveyourlife #appreciatethemoment #godisgood

reginafelice (@reginafelice)

“We don’t event like chocolate but your energy drew us in, like moths to the light, we just want to be near you.” 🦋 A couple came by our sampling table to tell me this yesterday, and they also bought more chocolate than any other customer over the weekend at @spiritedmarin... and they don’t even like chocolate!!! It was a great reminder that when we pour our hearts into what we do, it radiates. Since we started @livealotchocolate I’ve done a dance between love and fear - there are times when I find myself swimming in fear that we aren’t going to sell enough products to make ends meet, that people won’t recognize the value in the high quality ingredients we use, and that this is all a big mistake. When I come from that place, that’s exactly what the outcome is... we don’t meet customers excited about our chocolate and therefore we don’t sell enough of it. Alternatively, when I am rooted in love and TRUST, I meet people who don’t even like chocolate yet fall in love with our mission, our brand, and all of our offerings. Customers and comments like this are little sparkles of fuel that help me stay in the LOVE+TRUST side of the entrepreneurial dance floor. I am so incredibly grateful for every single person who believes in us, buys our chocolate, and shares about @livealotchocolate with their friends. It means the world, forreal. 🌎🍫🙏 #livealotchocolate #love #trust #gratitude #dancewithyourfears #radiate #doyourdreams #takerisks #chocolate #cacao #entrepreneurs #womenentrepreneurs #supportlocal #supportsmall #shoplocal #organiccacao #womenowned #mondaymotivation #loveoverfear

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Working at a job that you're less than thrilled to be at can be emotionally draining. I know, I've been there. If that's you, start making a plan to change it. You don't have to spend 40 hours a week for the rest of your life doing something you don't like doing. You're doing the company you work for and yourself a disservice when you're not passionate about what you're doing! Make a plan and take action to live your best life doing something that you love! 📝💗

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Magic (and my favorite color 💦) right outside my window. Can’t believe I captured this precise moment and how beautiful Doha looks from above. I’m definitely exploring this place when I come back in April! 😍✈️🌍 Next stop: London for meetings! Any places I should visit while there? Any yummy plant-based restaurants and great yoga studios? Ps: click the link in my bio to see how I offset my flight CO2 emissions with! Yes, you can have a lifestyle with a conscience guys! The point is to constantly look for solutions, green options, actions that make us better earthlings, and steps to offset our very-human activities and protect nature. #natureisprecious #life #iwishyouwater #travelblogger

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🌐Surround Yourself With People You Can Learn From. 🔑How Can You Expand Your Mind Being Around Average People ‼️KODAK BLACK @frathouseent @mr.undaunted 📎#Network 📢#knowledge #growth #dedication 🥇#takerisks #marketing #passion ✍🏽#god #gifted #humble #midwest #entrepreneur #blackownedbusiness #wealth #stayfocused #frathouseent

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Never ever neglect your dreams just because things are not going your way. #DreamBig #TakeRisks #BeSmart


Success Nutrition facts 👌
Now this...will be going up on the wall!
PATIENCE % Daily values are based on high levels of ambition.

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Life really isn’t that long. Time flies so fast, it will pass you by before you know it. So be bold, take risks and never let fear get in your way!
#alwaysmakeastatement #youonlyliveonce #takerisks #nofear #stayoutofmyway #dontlistentothenoise
#bebold #bebright #beconfidnet

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Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction , ends up being the biggest step... #takerisks #workhard #inspire #motivation #bekind #streetstyle #nyc

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You never know where life will take you! #mood #takerisks #nocomfortzone

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Monday Motivation: You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them 💪 | 📷 @TomKlockerPhoto

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This week we're sharing the Perfect Search core values. Follow along to learn more about our guiding principles each day this week! First up: Initiative. Take a risk today--even if it's just your coffee order.

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After walking nimbly for 8 miles over jagged lava, the cracks beneath my feet began to shoot up steam which vanished quickly into the new moon night. Then I saw a glow on the mountain, which as I got closer, appeared to be more like a waterfall of hot molten lava flowing down the cliffside. As I thought about friends in California losing homes and memories to fire, I said a prayer to the volcano Goddess and stood strong as lava swirled toward me. #elements #respect @pelican_life

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Sending them your way babes!! Get out there and make it happen. Work hard and make yourself proud. I know the morning can get some people down, and if that’s you-switch your mindset to be powerful in the mornings and take everything head on. You’ll feel like such a star when you turn around at noon and you have already accomplished so much! Bring on the day, you got this 👊🏼💋