Curious Egg (@curioegg)

It's been all go go go the past week! This print by the lovely @weramused is available in three sizes in our Art Room - think it also applies to most mums out there 😊✨. So much can change in a day - good and bad, we are thinking about all of the families whose lives won't be the same after yesterday's awful events ❤️

Lisa Britton (@holistictherapybylisa)

Along with flowers this Mother's Day, why not also give the gift of relaxation. Treatment prices begin from £20. Gift vouchers available in-store, for postage or delivery #aromatherapy #reflexology #massage #holistictherapy #treat #relax #unwind #taketimeout #letyourbodyselfheal #lisburnroad #belfast #mothersday

Rosie McMahon (@yoga_with_rosie)

Taking time out to nurture my soul mind and body ... Sometimes we are so busy caring for everyone else that we forgot to care for ourselves. It's not selfish to take time out it's important! Looking after your own mind body and soul first then you'll be better able to care for others ❤️ ... Mullaghmore lets be having you #hiking #soultherapy #mindbodyhealth #lookafteryourself #taketimeout #mindyourmentalhealth #loveyourselfmore #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy

Line Cut Supply (@linecutsupply)

Great things about Sheffield #3: its brilliant coffee shops & @upshotespresso is one of my faves 💛 love the peg board wall, as well as the coffee of course, & it makes doughnuts on a Friday ☕️🍩👌🏻

Indigo Buckaloo (@indigo_yno)

On a trip to mordor to see the family #taketimeout

Jasmine Patten - Life Coach (@radiantalivewoman)

Hyacinths and rainbows. Spring magic at its best. Wish you could smell these beauties!!