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Today’s cards are the Page of Cups and the Eight of Wands. The Page of cups is known as a court card and associated with the water signs Cancer , Scorpio and Pisces. It will often represent a young person , new emotional experiences or receiving messages of love . The Page of Cups will often appear when you are dealing with emotions and feelings and you need to rely on your gut instincts and intuition. There maybe a need to tune into your inner child or inner voice , trust what you feel right now because your instincts will never let you down. This could also be linked with going over old times and childhood memories The Eight of Wands is ruled by Mercury and Sagittarius and is a card that heralds a fast pace and speed you could receive unexpected news or messages that will speed things up . This can also be unexpected news connected to abroad or travel . The Sun is at 29 degrees Pisces today the final degree of the whole zodiac often known as the crisis degree or the weeping willow , so if you feel overwhelmed and emotional unleash the river of tears. You may also find the urgency to express your feelings or make decisions. It can be very important to speak up about how you really feel . Whatever today brings let it all come to the surface so you can release and heal , know that you are loved. Tomorrow is a new day , the first day of the Astrological New Year and the Spring Equinox . So use today to let go and heal so you can embrace the shift in energy that brings new adventures. #tarot #expressyourfeelings #psychicpassage

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Hey guys! Do you have one question in your mind and want an answer to? Think of that question and comment down below which card are you drawn to and I'll reveal the answers tomorrow!
Umm I'm drawn to the 3rd card!
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Manhã com muita opressão, sentimento de levar o mundo nas costas... Mas a tarde a energia muda e você começa a pensar e repensar tudo o que vem vivendo.

Um ótimo dia para avaliar sua situação na vida. O porque você tem ou não certas coisas? Entender se você está feliz, ou apenas vivendo por viver.
A felicidade é caminhar a onde se gosta e não onde se deve.

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🔮Tarô semanal🔮

Oi, pessoal, me perdoem pelo atraso mas vamos lá pra mais um tarô semanal!
Peça para seus elementais, mentores e guias te darem intuição e escolha uma pedra pensando na energia que te acompanhará durante essa semana e vamos ver o que os arcanos tem a dizer para você sobre ela!
As cores são da esquerda para a direita: branco, roxo e preto. O resultado sai hoje mesmo (segunda)! Desejo a todes mais uma ótima semana ✨

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Day 18 - Full Speed Ahead Revealed
Poetry - It is time to stop hesitating. Sure, I don't know very much about poetry yet. All the books I am reading are wonderful and brilliant and I cannot possibly hope to equal them right now. But who cares! When you feel drawn to a creative activity, you do it for yourself. Maybe I'm the worst poet to ever live, but if writing gives me something positive, I shouldn't hold back for fear that I'm not good enough. Plus, how else does one learn but by doing?
Field Work - My dissertation is something I am passionate about, but some Pentacles energy is what I need to forge ahead. The work is going to be long and challenging, so I need to prepare myself for having to keep going even when it is difficult. I am learning how to be a scholar so I will not have all the answers yet. But approaching my field work with a grounded self that is prepared to commit and perservere is the best way forward. .
Conference - The conference I am organizing is fast approaching and it is time to mother my baby. Keep my emotions in check because this is a scary set of new tasks for me, but I have a good team and an exciting session planned. It is all coming together as long as I give it my positive energies without being capsized by my negative ones. .
Jera suggests that hard, patient work pays off. Put in the effort and you will reap a good harvest!
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Per request, spring seekers! #regram of my original Spring Equinox/Ostara card spread. So grateful that everyone enjoys these. ♥️
You can see the coming equinox as the balance point of a year. Use 1 or up to 8 cards to make the flower, whatever works for you.
Read the columns holistically & see what flows from left to right. 🌷🌷🌷
For all decks & systems. Enjoy! 🐇

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Hallo pemuda pemudi malang raya,yuk ke kampus ub pas tanggal 22 marer 2018.

Kita bakal manggung disana yuk,ajak rame2 teman2 kalian ya.


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⭐️Today's General Message.
This card indicates that everything is going in the right direction for you. When you are feeling at your best emotionally, physically and psychologically. The Sun confirms that it is no illusion- things really are going well. It indicates that your good choices are adding up to create a great life.
For Personal Readings
Click the link in profile

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Good morning #pisces
6 of wands represents thw obstacles you will have to over come today. #believeinyourself Lots of learning curves today. Remember practice makes perfect. Many of you will find yourself in leadership roles today. As i said before. Teamwork makes the dream work. You must lead with confidence today. But remember to work as a team. #dailytarot #tarot #tarotreading #workflo #work #getitdone #goals #leadership #teamwork #learningcurves #shadowscapestarotdeck

💫💫💫Celestial Tarot 1111🌙🌙🌙 (@celestialtarot1111)

Enchanted Forest from Gaia Oracle💜❤️Be prepared for magic😎There is mystery brewing under the surface in your life✨✨Be on the lookout for Magical Coincidences and Synchronisities💜❤️You are about to get your mind blown away😇

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DAY 3 New Moon Phase: The Question
Here is the question for the next 28 days, that will be answered on the 15th day, the full moon.

It’s Hexagram, 53 has a lot to do with the difference between innocence and Wisdom, your relationship to the male principle, from father to brother to friend to lover, the relationship to this side of the gender duality is highlighted by this DNA codon in the code. In the human body this concept rules the Urogenital Diaphragm.
The Tarot Card, The Queen of Wands (ego/fire/East) among other things wears yellow and sits on a Golden Thrown resting on 2 Lion figures, she holds a Sun Flower, relating this card to the Sun and therefore the Will/spirit, a black cat appears to guard her.
JAGUAR (14/20) Element: Air (Conscious Mind) Direction: North
Jaguar is a sign that represents the unconscious spiritual/energetic realm, more so than any other sign, a Jaguar is a very hard animal to find, it also acts as a guard, in this context a guard of old wisdom and ancient ways, meaning it can travel through theses realms much like the shaman.

It’s related Hexagram 36, Humanity or Turbulence is about the use of the natural stores of wisdom that lead to being authentic.
The Tarot Card Three of Pentacles among other things has 3 pentagrams sitting above and in-between two arches (conscious/unconscious, the present and the ancestors). ♖♖♖♖♖♖♖♖ ☆ INTENSITY 7/13: FOSTERING SELF-SACRIFICE
Tone 7 is a day of clarity. As the peak of the 13 day/tone wave, this is also the highest point meaning a 360º view can be seen from this highest energetic vantage point

It’s related Hexagram, 32 relates to the ancestors and tradition.
The Tarot Card The Ace of Pentacles is the root power of Earth.

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Draw of the day: passage through a difficult trial; carrying a burden; moving on but retaining grief and pain; steady, drudging progress; being held back or burdened by circumstance or other people; inconveniencing oneself in order to assist a friend; pulling more than your own weight; a necessary spiritual trial; a trip is made with difficulty and delay; progress in spite of peril; holding on to past pains; a need for help; a reliance on the power of others; a sacrifice is made in order to gain something greatly loved; a crossing over; a spiritual journey; unresolved emotional issues are weighing the querent down and past traumas must be processed if they are to move forward.
Deck: The Modern Spellcaster's Tarot
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алёна молодец 👌 просмотр всухую, как обычно. фото, имя, вопросы, я и колода карт.
📩 《I want to thank you once again for the analysis of my personal and professional qualities. Now I'm in the process of working on myself, and your words don't go out of my head, I listen again to your consultation. You have recognized my essence more accurately than any psychologist can do, and than my closest friend. I was tormented, I couldn't understand what was happening to me. And you for 1 hour laid out on the shelves all the information about me from my photo. You are a unique person, I am grateful that I accidentally found you》. #тароонлайн #гаданиеонлайн #тароростов #гаданиеростов #любимаяработа #гаданиеволгоград #гаданиекраснодар #благодарныеклиенты #обратнаясвязь #любимаяработа #ilovetarot #ilovemyjob #feedback #tarotreading #witchstagram #tarotcommunity

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Deliveries to HQ this week. Still weighing up the idea of reviews on the blog when so many others do them so very well. Excited to explore these three gems right now. Even the boxes are gorgeous! @sepentfire @starchildtarot @darkdaystarot #starchildtarot #starseed #darkdaystarot #newmoon #tarot #tarotcards #tarotdeck #tarottribune #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #akashicrecords #tarotcommunity #tarotcollector #tarotcollection #tarotnerd #tarotlove #tarottribe #tarotlover #divination #cartomancy

💫💫💫Celestial Tarot 1111🌙🌙🌙 (@celestialtarot1111)

The Lady Alfreda and JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL from DragonFae Oracle😇✨You are feeling anxious and worried about some events taking place in your life⚡️You are reminded by your guides to have trust in Universal Justice⚡️There is no punishment but everything that happens in your life is for your greatest good⚡️For the purpose of learning✨If you attracted a painful situation in the past know that it will never happen again if you change your choices and actions⚡️⚡️You are safe and on the path to your greatest life as long as you keep choosing love actively❤️❤️

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Take a deep breath. Think of a question. Choose which CARD you are most drawn to and comment your number below. Revealed cards shall be posted during tomorrow daytime(IST).