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@pegacorndreams22 got her package!! I’m glad you liked it ☺️💖 @be_fearless_and_speak_nowww got her package as well but I think she’s waiting until Christmas to open it ☺️ #alltaylorwellswiftmas #taylorswift #taylornation #swiftmas #package #happy #swiftiesforever

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Hey Guys! Thank you for all the support, thoughts, and prayers it means SO MUCH TO ME! I have gone through my appointments and tests, and my surgery is early Monday morning. I have all different emotions going on, but one common thing is, I have so much love coming from you, my family, friends, and my health care team, so thank you. I will update you as best as I can 😊 xoxo Eva #taylorswift #taylornation

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I always underrate Call It What You Want and I shouldn’t because out of the songs on this album, this song may be my most relatable one of all.

A few months ago, I lost the majority of my friends over various opinions and arguments. To tell the truth, I’m pretty much out of friends now and it was around the time I made this account. If you all knew the full story, maybe you’d agree with them, maybe you’d think I was a bitch, and maybe you’d think that I’m the worst human being alive. Maybe Taylor would say I’m wrong, say I’ve been mean, say that I’m not a nice person. Or maybe not. But this song means a lot. I used to sort of be the leader in my group of friends, and that castle crumbled over night, I did bring a knife to a gun fight. They fired their shots and I lost the crown. But I’m okay. Now I’m being called a liar, despite them being hypocritical and lying themselves, I’ve said nothing since, nobody has heard from me for a few months. They made something huge out of nothing, being drama queens and taking swings. But I’m doing okay. My relationship is one of the things that mostly caused the problems. They can call this relationship what they want. Some say it’s bad, some say it won’t last, some say I’m better off on my own. But they can call it what they want. I know what it is. And I’m doing okay. This is my story. Thankyou Taylor for this song. 💕 @taylorswift @taylornation
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Do you guys like King Of My Heart?🖤👑
~ The bridge is my favorite!😊
~ A video edit of Fearless era is coming soon!😗
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