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I dont wanna live forever -Zayn malik ft Taylor swift
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Today is 24 years since my moms favorite person ever (her younger sister) passed away. And tomorrow would be 24 years since her younger sister would've turned 19. My moms sister was a day away from being 19, studying to be a veterinarian, from what I've heard, an amazing person and passed away in a crash way too early. My mom always talks about how she and her sister were really close because their parents didn't really care about them and to annoy people, they would talk in French and only French (because they grew up in England) and how they always had each other when they didn't have anyone else. My mom promised herself that when her first daughter is born, her middle name would be Delyth, after her sister. That's me. I'm Emma Delyth. My mom tells me to enjoy having a little sister but she lost hers suddenly and never really said good bye as they thought it'd be a normal day. The point is, even though you wake up every morning, thinking it's a normal day, it very well might not be. Everyone woke up on September 11, 2001 thinking that. My mom woke up on march 24, 1993 thinking that.

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Haha SAT practise just kill me already :))))) // This Must Be My Dream // My edit :)