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Good morning friends!! We have tons of snow and it is officially feeling like Christmas in WA. ☃️
What. A. Week!! I’m breathing and spending morning naptime with a cup of coffee and Christmas lights. ☕️(...and maaaybe some of the cookies that were supposed to make it to a party last night, but weather happened.)
It feels so good to slow down before what’s guaranteed to be a wild week! What are you doing this weekend to recharge before the final push?! 🎄
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Christina Jaffe (@bookamiga)

Illustrator Coralie Bickford-Smith has crafted a modern classic, an exquisitely drawn and written fable: "The Fox and the Star". Fox finds the world beyond his den to be intimidating. With the help of his only friend Star's light he explores a patch of forest. Star is shown as a silent but faithful companion. One night though star's light goes out and Fox retreats into his den and into fear. Some uninvited beetles provide a rejuvenating meal and Fox decides to wander further than he ever has been before in search of Star. Quite magically his quest is aided by the nature around him. Ultimately his courage is rewarded by a sky full of stars and the knowledge that his friend is not lost but somewhere in the great expanse above the trees. And knowing that is comfort enough for further journeys. I recommend this book for all ages as it can be comprehended on different levels. Older children can explore the tale's allegorical nature and themes like bravery, loss, and resiliency. The artwork is done mostly in black, white, and orange; the limited color scheme only enhances the visual and emotional impact. #thefoxandthestar #bookrec #kidlit #kidlitart #bookamiga #teachersofig #childrensbookart #teacher #bookagram #bookstagram

TeachersFollowTeachers (@teachersfollowteachers)

@mrsrodrox says, "Thank you @mrsstanford724 for these great 120 chart puzzles!! I used these during RTI today and they loved them! It helped them to understand patterns and counting! ♥️" #mrsstanfordsclass

TeachersFollowTeachers (@teachersfollowteachers)

@mrsgrayswiseowls library is just adorable! I want to snuggle up and read on her couch!

TeachersFollowTeachers (@teachersfollowteachers)

These 120's chart puzzles are a great way to bring fun into mastery! ✨🔗 clickable link in @mrsstanford724’s profile #mrsstanfordsclass

Lisa Bell (@signorinacampanella)


I’ve been ‘binge watching’ Youtube / Netflix now that I’m on holidays.

I’ve seen heaps of posts about how good ‘The Crown’ was, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Not going to lie, I’ve watched 3 episodes already and already planned out my day to watch the rest of the season tomorrow.

Have you seen it? Tell me below in the comments! :-) #mattsmith #yes #signorinacampanella #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #iteachtoo #teachersofig #teacherspayteachers #tpt #iteach #teacher #teachers #teacherlife #teachertribe #aussieteachers #aussieteachertribe #teachersdownunder #school #student #classroom #education

Brooklyn Powell (@teachersgonestrong)

From 174–160!!!!! So freaking proud of my clients killing this Holiday Challenge!!! If you haven’t heard, @hood_fitness15 and I are starting a New Years Challenge January 1-February 18! It will include-
✨weekly workouts (home OR gym)
✨individual macros
✨nutrition guide
✨sample grocery list
✨prizes throughout the challenge
✨private fb group
✨24/7 coach support from TWO coaches!
Does this sound like something you need? Don’t let another year go by where you are stuck in the same place. Message me if you want more info or want in!!Cost is $100 which is a CRAZY good deal for 8 weeks of training/nutrition!!! ✨ #NewYearNewYou