Goodwill Contaduría (@goodwillcontaduria)

¡El equipo de Goodwill agradece su voto de confianza y nos comprometemos con toda la comunidad contadora! ¡Haremos de Conta la mejor carrera! 💙🌟 #teamGoodwill #GW

Goodwill Contaduría (@goodwillcontaduria)

¡Acompáñanos en la exposición de nuestro plan de trabajo! Podrás realizarnos preguntas que te surjan o comentarios. #TeamGoodwill 💙🌟

Goodwill Contaduría (@goodwillcontaduria)

¿Probaron el filtro en snap? ¿Ya visitaron el stand? ¡Mañana es el último día! #teamgoodwill 💙🌟

Goodwill Contaduría (@goodwillcontaduria)

¡Conoce a nuestros colaboradores, Sofi y Javier! 💙💙🌟 #teamgoodwill

Goodwill Contaduría (@goodwillcontaduria)

¡Ven a tomarte una foto con nuestro marco! 💙#teamgoodwill

Goodwill Contaduría (@goodwillcontaduria)

¿Ya checaste nuestro filtro en Snapchat? #TeamGoodwill 💙🌟

Miranda Barzey (@mirandabarzey)

I’m all done shopping at Value Village, at least in GA. They staple through clothes, price too high, and there aren’t many quality brands. VV is great when you’re shopping for funky style, but as a reseller, it’s not worth it. #teamgoodwill

Irtya Qiyamulail (@irtyaqiy)

Tribute to IPB's Scholarship Contributors 2017. #teamgoodwill
📷 @obbyhsn

Furman University FCA (@furmanfca)

Your Winners AND Best Dressed of the 2017 FCA Dodgeball Tournament!!! THANK YOU to everyone who came out to such a fun night!!! #TeamGoodwill

Your Wellness Coach (@chitta86)

Snacking—good or bad? Find out once and for all. A healthy snacking habit can help you manage your weight and balance your diet. #HealthTips #join #TeamGoodwill

Rotoya Goodwin (@rotoya.goodwin)

Awwwww😍😍😍😍 5Yrs ago today we Got Engaged!!!!!! He surprised me for real that day!!! #teamgoodwill #teamgoodwin #engaged #washingtondc #marriedmybestfriend #welooksoyoung