Stacey Spilatro (@406love)

...Happy Birthday to my Brother in Heaven...My Lifetime Bestest Buddy! Life is forever changed...since you've moved on. ❀️ #Brother #bestfriend #unforgettable #tellpeopleyoulovethem #livethankful #hewasthebest #gifted #love #missingyou #Heaven #lifeissofragile #godissogood #bestfriends #snowboarders

D a v i d F H a r r i s (@davidfrancisharris)

Two of the biggest regrets people have toward the end of their life is that they didn't say or do the things they truly wanted to say or do when they had the chance. Don't wait till it is too late. #wanderlust #touchdown #germany #frankfurt #germantour #travel #love #seetheworld #tellpeopleyoulovethem #followyourheart #dreambig #huglots #smilemore #relax #dontstress #followmefaraway #adventure #onelife

Michele Adams (@finding_daily_joy)

When we reach the ripe old age 75 years old, we will have lived +/- 26,700 days. Over 20 thousand of those days will be in our adult years. 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹
Will you spend that time building up relationships around you or allowing them to falter? πŸ“žβ˜ŽοΈπŸ“žβ˜ŽοΈπŸ“ž
Who do you need to talk to or call to reaffirm or reestablish how important they are to you?
When a relationship has failed, it is time to rally the other members of your circle. Let them be the ones who guide you through.
#finding_daily_joy #findingdailyjoy #tellpeopleyoulovethem #youareimportanttome #family #friendships

Koukkla (@koukkla)

You would have been 38 today πŸ’™βš“οΈ My life is richer for having had you in it, gone from my sight never from my heart xxx #happybirthday #shinebrightlikeadiamond #imissyou #haz345

ステラ (@so_little_dinky_stella)


ε‡Ίι€’γˆγ¦γ‚ˆγ‹γ£γŸ 。






#tellpeopleyoulovethem #ε†™ηœŸ #instagood #l4l #θ¦ͺ友 #bbf

Proud mum to 3 beautiful girls (@lindabeer84)

Love this girl! 😍😍 from crazy ass workouts in her livingroom to drunken nights out with "Mo" and exploring the Brecon Beacons she never fails to make me smile. #soppypost #love #friends #tellpeopleyoulovethem #friendship #awesomeday #makeupfreeselfies #aunaturale #feelinggreat

☘️ α‘•α•Όα—©α‘ŽTα—©α’ͺ Tα‘Œα‘­α‘­Eα–‡T ☘️ (@drillandheels)

Life is too short to worry about stupid things!
Have fun... eat a cookie... regret nothing!
Happy Easter 🐣🌸πŸ₯š #simplethings #love #live #smile #enjoy #tellpeopleyoulovethem

Nisha (@savurnisha)

Because even the sun sets in paradise β˜€οΈ... Today you may have your eyesight, your hearing, your sense of touch, taste and smell. All your limbs may be in working order, your health may be in top notch, your brain's capacity to recall things may be on point, your speech in impeccable condition...but what guarantee is there that you'll have all of the above at the end of tomorrow or even by midnight tonight?
There is no guarantee...whatsoever.
You can't take what you have right now for granted. You could be the healthiest person, the fittest person, the nicest, the kindest, most intelligent, wealthiest or best-looking person out there and something tragic (GOD FORBID πŸ™) could still happen to you. πŸŒͺ️😒
So make the most of what you have today...what you have right now.
I admire confident people immensely but those who are over-confident in many aspects of their life should proceed with caution. ⚠️ You just never know what could be lurking around the corner.
We are all only human after all. No one is invincible. 😢 We win some, we lose some, that's life for you and we gotta deal with the up's and down's as best we can. In saying this, whatever life throws at you you can handle, you can overcome the obstacles. But for that you need the support of others, so be good and do good. You never know when, where, how and whose help you'll need in the near future.
I didn't mean for this post to come across as depressing, but I am a realist. Life won't go according to plan at all times, and you can never be prepared for when it doesn't. So be sure to make the most of now. πŸ’«
This could be the last time you interact with someone in a way you've always known. Don't hesitate to tell those who are important to you that you love them. πŸ’Ÿ Don't wait until it's too late, until you're left with nothing but regret... It's important to set long-term goals and EQUALLY AS important to recognise and be proud of your daily achievements (no matter how small they are)!!! 😘😘😘

Pearls N Joy (@pearlsnjoy)

Round gold plated natural fresh water pearl necklace. Hangs 18" with a lobster clasp. *
My mom spoke pearls of wisdom into my life. Through scripture, through advice, through her example of how to love. This necklace reminds me of all those words, it reminds me of her. ❀️ *
Perfect gift to tell that special mom, friend, sister or daughter how special she is to you! *
I have 6 available $25 (free shipping) Comment sold with your email address to claim (leave off the .com or it may not show up) *
#lovewell #encourage #tellpeopleyoulovethem #mothersday #pearlsnjoy

The Sisterhood Initiative (@the_sisterhood_initiative_)

I am so excited because the other half of The Sisterhood Initiative arrives tonight and she embodies this and more. The most beautiful soul and friend a girl could ask for and I am so lucky she chose me to be a part of her world. She has loved me at my worst and has celebrated with me at my best and everything in between. My world is better knowing she is in it. #sisterhood # sistersunite #queensunite #melbourne #perth #easterbringsjoy # shoutoutstoyourbestgirls #togetherweareunstoppable #jointherevolution #tellpeopleyoulovethem

Tiffany (@soitgoeshesaid_calliteternity)

Anyone close to me knows that I am an emotional, sappy, tender-hearted, overly sentimental fool. I tell people I love them a lot. I am not ashamed of this at all. When I lose people, I want to know I told them I loved them as much as I could. Obviously, when it comes to my baby brother, that's always going to be an entirely different can of worms. However, that aside, I believe in saying "I love you." To my family, my partner, my friends. I also hold on to things. I always feel strange when I hear people say, "They're just things." To me, they are so much more. They are connections to the ones I love and hold dear. I can replace a television. Or a car. But I can never replace a handwritten letter my mother wrote to me on my eighteenth birthday. I can never replace photos of my family. I can never replace certain smells, sensations, feelings, or stories. I can never replace my roots. I've been reflective all day today as I re-arrange and re-organize our apartment, and I'm feeling a mixture of nostalgia and homesickness for my family. I yearn to sit down with a giant mug of coffee and bullshit with my folks by the fire outside, or bury my face in my grandmother's shoulder as she gives me one of her super tight hugs and kisses. I keep thinking about time. Part of me is amazed that thirteen years have gone by since the date of this letter, and how much I have changed in that time. The other part of me is panicking, thinking about how many opportunities with family I am missing out on right now. Following your heart is never easy. Doing what makes you happy will always have drawbacks. Some days I'm okay, and some days I feel like I'm the most selfish person in the world for moving away. It's terrifying, knowing that I could lose someone at any given moment and that I will have missed out on so many opportunities to make memories with them, to love them. I cracked the joke to my mum that, "Sometimes, ya just need your mom." Thirteen years, and I have my mom's words with me every day... #letter #letters #mom #family #roots #nostalgia #homesick #reflective #tellpeopleyoulovethem #pennsylvania #chicago #modifiednurse #modifiedlife #happy

Diane Santos (@dianeeloisa)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸŽ‰ to @blighvincent my handsome, faithful friend.
I speak joy, peace and love over you. You have been such a constant in my life over so many years. You're family to me. I love, love, love you! #birthdaywishes #besties #tellpeopleyoulovethem #white

SarahGS (@koala_lady_)

Tonight the sun will set, and tomorrow it will rise again. The world keeps turning, we expect it to and it does. What we sometimes forget is that life takes turns we don't expect. It will take things from us, people and opportunities. Life is not something to take for granted. It can be gone in an instant. Cherish every moment with people you love, time is precious. β€οΈπŸ˜”
#fuckcancer #timeisprecious #lovedones #life #appreciate #tellpeopleyoulovethem #dontwastetime #family #sailor #sea #ocean #harbourlife #sunrise #sunset #sun

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I had sniffles all week. My bff lost his dad. It rained non-stop. So we decided to go eat our feelings @leahscakery and it was lovely in a perfectly village, kitsch, yummy kind of way. If you're upstate, stop in. 🍰 helps heal πŸ’”'s #instafood #foodie #brunch #tellpeopleyoulovethem #eatlocal #bakery #newyork #upstate #β˜•οΈ