Jackie Paper (@just_jacqueline)

And they danced to 'her song', as they remembered the beautiful life she lived.
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Patrick Smith (@patricksmith7430)

I tied these up for my mom who is battling lung cancer. She has been my rock for years and it’s my turn to be hers.
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Brittany (@thebrittanystevens)

I don't actually know who this quote is by since I saw a few different sources when I searched for something to post. But it resonates with me because I'm pretty terrible at emotions. Real emotions. I've been working on getting better at it with people I care about but I still have a really long way to go. Every time I start to forget life reminds me I still have so much work to do. It's so simple and means the most and yet we don't do it. We just assume people know how we feel about them.
We may or may not be talking right now but I wanted to tell y'all I care. It's ok if we were only in each other's life for a season (even though sometimes that really sucks). I am sorry if I didn't tag you... it doesn't mean you're not on the list... it means Instagram has a limit and it's also late. But I didn't want tomorrow to come without people knowing I'm thankful whether that was a friendship years ago or we talked yesterday, that we've crossed paths. .
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Kim Renner (@kimthescriptwriter)

This is just a good example of the kind of person Masari was. You never think your time with people is limited, especially someone so young, but I've seen more than once this past year proof of just how limited it is. Masari seriously voted for my film every single day it competed. He was the only one who did that without me even having to ask or remind him lol. The ONLY one. He was the best, and I told him that. He was such a good friend and I honestly don't think that hole will ever go away. I just came across this post and it got me tonight 😢💙 #mysun #thesunneverdies #neverforgotten #tellpeopleyoulovethem #masaristrong

meli (@reallyseriously)

i know i know #hippie shit... but today is a #newmoon and it’s really important and special to me. because of today. and because of this year. i am told this is the moon to make a wish for your career, for your authority, and for your respect. capricorn is an ambitious sign and it asks to us to challenge ourselves and to keep! raising the bar. letting go of the past is a constant struggle. but i’m slowly learning. and not letting the past affect me now even if it’s in my face every. single. day. maybe not letting go but just forgiving. even if that means forgiving yourself. .
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Debbie (Deb) (@momx3deb)

#Disneyland #CA memories from January 16, 2016! This was the last trip we took with my mom. I felt a sense of urgency to plan this vacation, but at the same time, I couldn’t fathom that just MONTHS later, she’d be gone. The thing is, none of us ever know *for sure* how long we have to enjoy this life. I’m not the greatest at getting away, seeking adventure, taking risks or splurging, but knowing what I know... I should do more of that. #loveyourlife #dontwasteaminute #tellpeopleyoulovethem

Someone Like WonderWoman (@fitnessguru6183)

Tomorrow is never promised and at times you’re faced with situations that will remind you of that so live life with no regrets! #takelotsofpictures #dothingsthatyourescaredtodo #tellpeopleyoulovethem #fuckit #tomorrowisneverpromised #loveyourfuckinglife