Ashley Mâkĕdâ Zena (@showmeyourglory1)

Some people need to hear this.. The people who seem like the most positive and happy go lucky are the one who experience and experienced the most pain.. their free spirit leads them to believe and wait to see the good in some that have no intention of showing it. Leaving them vulnerable to self destructive habits.
I lived for a number of years thinking i was a burden believing lies.. before I recognized I actually am a blessing a child of God and worthy of the same sweet love I so freely give. I knew i have talents gifts creative ideas but struggled.. i have blessings from God. just Like you! Know your worth God didn't make a mistake when he made you!.... R.i.p. Sarah manunder.. Heaven gained another angel last night. If you only knew how beautiful positive and magnetic your sunshine was and your potential.. and wait for someone who would treat you like the princess maunder you were.. you'd still be here right now.

#tellpeopleyoulovethem #encouragethosewhostruggle #domesticviolence #drugaddiction #breakeverychain #knowyourworth #youwerecreatedtolivenotjustsurvive #youareablessing #youarenotaburden #blessing #knowwhoyouareinchrist #beautifullyandwonderfullymade #childofGod

🇺🇸Kani Mai🇺🇸 (@kanilott)

🖤There's a simple truth to the morning sun
Things don't change, they just light up
With a frontie mind and a restless heart
Girl, you can't change the way you are
Yeah, you're gonna hurt somebody
Make somebody bleed
Girl, you're gonna hurt somebody
God, I hope it's me🖤
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Intuitive Soul Guidance (@bonnie_braveheart_angelic)

The soul lives on. This body we have is merely a vehicle to carry the soul.💖Our loved ones never leave us💖#wedontdiejustgohome #soulliveson #love #life #death #tellpeopleyoulovethem #lifestooshort #locewithallyourheart #angels #heaven

Sammi Sebbens (@misssammiiii)

It's never a nice day when attending a funeral is on the days agenda. The silver lining to funerals is catching up with people that you haven't seen in years - R.I.P Paul ❤️ #funeral #balloons🎈#lifeisshort #beautifulservice #tellpeopleyoulovethem #maketimeforthoseyoulove #yolo

🇺🇸Kani Mai🇺🇸 (@kanilott)

"A soul as beautiful as yours should NEVER be forgotten." 3 years.. I expect you to walk through the door or call me at any moment. But my heart still grieves. I've hit some milestones and all I wanted was for you to be there beside me. I always ask myself, what could've been different if I kept you on the phone just a little longer, said I love you more, protected you more, and tried to show you the beauty life can bring if we just hold on. Ash I know this isn't how you expected your beautiful life chapter to close, but the promise I made to you 3 years ago as I held your hand for the last time; i will never let your memory fade. I'll never let our laughs, our inside jokes, our loves, our stories, and all the little things that made us the closest we ever were. Keep my spot next to you in heaven close, for me it will feel like a lifetime but I pray it's a blink of an eye for you my beautiful angel. God sent you to me for a reason: I needed the light of someone who was genuine and full of love to help me realize the importance of the people we get close to. I miss you, often times I cry when I think of you because I feel so alone. But I know you're helping me and keeping me safe. Thank you for your guidance. I pray I can be HALF the amazing woman you are. I miss you..I need one of your hugs today for sure. Everyone please don't take for granted your best friend: they will change your life forever.

JoVon Saunders (@jovonms84)

5 years ago today my brother did not wake up from sleep. My heart is broken and I would give almost anything for him to be here and be happy!
His calling hours consisted of so many people coming through with love and support and stories of what a wonderful person he was..... I'm sad today yes but I am strong. What I wish of everyone is to let the people who are here today know that you love them and think they are great. Don't wait for their calling hours to say the things you should have when it truly mattered.
I know we're all busy and I know I need to practice what I preach. It's so much easier said than done. I know Facebook is probably about as far from "personable" as it gets but, I love all who are in my life whether I say it or show it as much as I could, I am going to try and be better.
Please today and everyday let your loved ones know how amazing you think they are and don't feel sad for me as your friend, be jealous of me because you didn't get to have the most amazing big brother for 27 years of your life since I had him ☺️ hehe. #bigbrother #misshim #fudeath #givehimback #love #tellpeopleyoulovethem

Floydling McGeorge Bohaggard (@bohaggard)

I can't sleep or stop crying, being far away and not being able to help or see a friend that is very ill is incredibly hard. Just sitting here waiting for that message they are getting worse or didn't make it through the night, thinking of all the times you shared, all the things you should have said when you had the chance, thinking of all the times you could have been there but weren't and now it's too late. I just want to sleep #depressionisabitch #bipolar #anxiety #nosleep #appreciatewhatyouhave #love #tellpeopleyoulovethem #sleepforever #antisocial

Colette Reilly (@colettereilly_)

The look of wee mum on her 80th birthday surrounded by her family ❤️ #mammylove #memories #simplethings #appreciatenow #tellpeopleyoulovethem #leadwithlove

Heather Anderson (@aheatheredlife)

This man. It's this man's birthday tomorrow. If you've been in class the past couple of days you've heard me talk about MAGIC....about embracing your magic which is usually the shit that makes you weird, quirky, authentic. (We lost an amazing member of our @soulcycle community who embodied MAGIC this past weekend and I feel like this is all I can speak on. Magic. Light. Realness. We love you, Sevin) THIS MAN. This man brought me up as his own, he raised me on James Taylor, on eating EVERYTHING in moderation, that mini vans with wood panel sidings that break down on the highway don't mean a thing when your FAMILY is the thing that makes you rich, that the boys who didn't love you back just didn't understand your brilliance (and were also idiots), that it was ok to be a little sassy (but to be warm as well), that I should question things and make my own mind up about what I believed, about hard work, about acceptance, about truly loving every fucking WEIRD part of me that made me A BAD ASS. So when I wore a super woman onesie on the day of my vocal surgery last year, he didn't question a damn thing....he just held my cape up so that I could fly higher....he has done that my WHOLE LIFE. I love you @jburksmascara and I thank God everyday for you. Can't wait to celebrate you and @ajmhappiness in February! #tellpeopleyoulovethem #family #community #love