Domino (@tuxedodomino)

Doggydate: 9251.7, Captain's Log: 💫
Mr. Donut, sensors report that the Shed Sector is clear of enemy Squirrel vessels. Continuing patrol to maintain security of the entire Yard Zone. 🐾🚨🙅🏻‍♂️🐿️
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Welsh Terrier at Bleak House (@edward.lear)

Question: what do I have in common with my new friend here?
Answer: neither of us will be scamping in the park anytime soon.
I'm lame, I have a limp. Today I went to the vet and it's no off-lead and no more than 30mins exercise a day for TWO WEEKS!!! _
It could be muscular, it could be a small fracture. We don't know yet. But I'm on anti-inflammatories to see if it gets better. Otherwise it's x-rays and a general anaesthetic. 😳
The sad thing is I was supposed to be doing the muddy dog challenge with my friends @veeandbear @hectorpickleton and @welshie_ralph on Saturday and now I'm not allowed. Which is possibly a good thing as 👩🏻‍⚖️ has done zero training and would probably let the others down. 🙄


Xtra, of course, also had to train Nosework, though she was training with me. 😗 She is very fast when she seeks and it seems to be so easy as she seeks and finds the smell. Now she works independently and does not ask me about help as before, it's progress. 🌟💪❤️

✧✷ ᗰ I L O ✷✧ (@milotheborderterrier)

I'm trying to explain to my humans I'm feeling well enough to go to daycare tomorrow, they are saying I'm not very convincing... #crazyeyes #crazydog