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would y'all be mad at me I like 99% of my captions just became songs because honestly I think my last like three posts have been fuckin songs
also imagine being on LSD and like you look at a tree and it looks like a man and you are going away from it so u slap the tree thinking ur giving it a high five then you yell "bye bye man" cause u about to leave the treeman and you don't want to be rude but then you think of the movie villain the Bye Bye Man so you start bursting out into laughter with your tree friend. how fun would that be.

pu$$y (@irrelevant.whore)

literally thot these were 2 separate pics

just put your dick in it (@licklicklicklick.eatmydick)

who remembers drake and josh? apparently the other day there dad on the show like went missing in real life lol ~ B

ya know when they say me-me (@memepronouncedwrong)

i really just love this one lmao

dm me pictures of your pets!!!

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i try to tag where i got the post from every time but every once in a while i slip up so please be mindful that i'm a mistake making human. if you are the original creator of a meme and would like to be tagged, dm me or leave a comment

omg thanks for 1k?! what the heck?!! face reveal livestream soon!

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I feel like I've already posted this oh well

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I'm late for student council but I do not care at all lol