KRYSTA SHORE (@campkrystablog)

Had some alone time today and spent it at the garden centre picking out some new plant babies 🌱🌵🌿

MCKENNA BRITTNEY (@darlingandsailor)

💁🏼‍♀️ “Show me that cute smile!” 👦🏼 “No, I don’t have a smile, I have a silly face!”

Young Apparel Co. (@young_apparel_co)

Spring Release Night 3!
I know you all want to see the rest of the Peach Collection, and I promise it’s coming; but for tonight, I just couldn’t help showing you this cutie!

Our Let’s Hang Tees are printed on the most amazingly soft light blue tees...and they feature a cute cuddly sloth! I mean, who doesn’t love a sloth?!? Seriously, I tried to take this tee off of him after we took pics, and he refused. He said, “No mommy, I want to wear my sloth shirt! It’s my favorite!” ❤️

Let’s Hang Tee - available in Infant, Toddler, and youth sizes.
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Christina | Blogger (@christinasaysthings)

New hair!!! Now back to work on my final project...wish me luck

N А D Y A (@nadyapost)

Chubby smily cheeks ☺️ Hope it is very last week when we have to wear winter clothes here🙆‍♀️🤞

Lauren Stern (@tapuhstree)

Day 69/365 of #365ofwatercolor
Today I painted a highlighter! Fun Fact: I painted this little painting lounging by the pool at my hotel in Orlando. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Check out the rest of the pics to see a process pic and my awesome pool view. 😎

A L E X A N D R A (

The second Saturday that we have been back HOME. 🏔️. We walked downtown and you fell asleep in my arms. I transferred you into your stroller and you lasted an entire twenty minutes until waking up whilst browsing the toy shop. We went for lunch and you ordered off the kids menu, well, mama ordered and you ate 3/4 of your plate and shared dessert with us. On the way home we stopped at the park so you could swing and play in the grass. You went on a napping strike for the rest of the day and then crashed at 9pm after running some errands and having dinner. It was a beautiful beautiful day. // 👆🏼My boy and I because I don’t have enough of us. 🖤 .
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Stephanie Meyer (@sfm_fitness_design)

Mark your calendars! • 2nd Friday April 13th Art Exhibition at @dthmaui • featuring art by these lovely ladies and myself @chloe.underwater @krystal.pools.maui • Surf Art and Soul • A celebration of nature and beauty of the ocean.
We hope to build community awareness about conservation on a local and global level.
All of the artists participating have used sustainability as a part of their pieces as well as the presentation of the show.
This collection inspires simplicity and nature in the home.
Art Exhibition features:

Stephanie Meyer
Mixed Medium & Pots of Love
SFM Fitness & Design
Art at Going Left

Krystal Pools
Acrylics, moroccan pigments & custom driftwood frames

Chloe Underwater
Ocean Photographer

Alexandra Joplin (@alleejphoto)

How about them Red Raiders?!?! So so exciting! We’re up and at em’ this morning headed for some breakfast at @yellow_house_coffee & this afternoon I’ll be playing in the flowers with some lovely senior ladies! I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday!

Alexandra Joplin (@alleejphoto)

Today feels like a Saturday! Most people here in the LBK are gearing up for an exciting Texas Tech Basketball game this evening. We made it to the Sweet 16, & excitement is in the air! Good luck tonight, boys! On another note, I just got some BEAUTIFUL sample albums in from @redtreealbums — I’ll do a live and show you all soon! They are LOVELY & these albums are what every couple should have to preserve and showcase their big day. Throwback image to Keedra & David’s magical day at @camplucyoncreek in ATX. #camplucy // 7 days left for the #alleejgiveaway2018 WEDDING GIVEAWAY!

Vita Popov (@vpopovz)

How we feel about being married for five years, it’s hard but we love it 💁🏻‍♂️🖤💁🏼‍♀️

Broken To Powerful 💝 (@jenniferjordancruz)

God already knows the end & it’s beautiful so hang on tight 💝

Erica Choi (@eggcanvas)

This tagliatalle and loup de mer (branzino) tho. You know it’s good when you get more and more excited with every dish. Soooo delicious @bryceshuman 🙏🏼 Catch the best meals at @springplace for ‘The Table’ series

Ashley Chiappetta (@fearlesseyes97)

Every party is more fun with them 💙