Sofoklis (@el__sofo)

Journey beginnings

Nick Hollister (@az_roaming)

Spent the day hiking around countless waterfalls in the White Mountains. We're back on the road again and just crossed into Maine which is our final destination. Driving across the country these past eleven days is something that I'll never forget. New places, food, and friends all along the way. Even reunited with some old friends which I haven't seen in years. The road has been good to us during this brief period. I hope to get back on it for a seriously extended amount of time someday. Until then, I'll be living in a cabin on a lake in Maine. I can't think of a better way to spend a summer and rejuvenate myself. Wishing everyone a great summer. 🍻

Growing Pains CA (

The weekend is just around the corner and who else is ready pour up a brew and kick their feet up. Here's a shot from our very own @lizardking.909 his birthday was yesterday and we hope he had an awesome one. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Be safe, but not too safe 😈 #GrowingPainsCa