Neka Rae Photography (@nekarae_fineartimagery)

I am a part of a self portrait 52 project. I didn’t participate the first 2 weeks.
This new body has been hard to adjust to until I start to lose it with my new nourishment journey. I wasn’t sure how to photograph myself anymore as I don’t feel like myself.

Yesterday, I took a step towards bravery and was in front of the camera.
There is a deep meaning to this series. I am not sure if I will start blogging again soon. But I think I may as an outlet. I would love to hear your input if you would be interested in my blog. ❤️ #nekaraephotography

gabrielle (@ellemowry)

Loooove this boy. He and I got to go to a mom and son night at church and it was so special to get some one on one time with him. There has been so much change this past year and he has handled becoming a big brother x2 so well. We had so much fun tonight and I was reminded how important it is to spend intentional time with just him ❤️

Janel (@janelpeyton)

The way I look when I dispute a charge at the grocery store.

Mastering Your Fancy Camera (@masteringyourfancycamera)

Featured photo by @jupiterhuephotography 📷✨
Cute little feet hanging off the bed. I love detail shots because our memories are in the details of daily life. I’d love to hear how you captured such a precious photo @jupiterhuephotography!

Maggie Jean Ross (@maggiejeanross)

#1344: January 19, 2018
*fancy drinks*really good conversations*

Whitney Viers Photography (

I see you sneaking our picture mom!

m a c k e n z i e (@mackenziesprice)

what trying to lay out as a mom looks like.. 👆🏻