House Of 8 Cats (@houseof8cats)

Happy #throwbackthursday to when our relation (the girls hereπŸ™„) was all "smoochy doochy NOT" 😹 and nothing's changed till now. Even more, a couple of years later, we've co-opted Gitza in the "Hiss, slap and run" club. You wanna join?😸
Happy #tbt to all our sweet furriends! Lovz (not for each other)πŸ’“ -Mangie and Pippa
#HissSlapAndRunClub #😸

Wolfie (@wolfie_smiles)

My face when meowmy let's my sister Foxy run around MY HOME hissing at ME! Pfffftttt! Someone gonna get da murder mitts!

Arthur’s Recruits (@arthurs_recruits)

Murry getting in some last ditch sits in his favorite spot on top of my bookshelf before he goes to his new family with his brother this weekend! Sweet boy has waited patiently for his humans to find him!

Sleepover at O's (@sleepover_at_os)

Would you love a warm welcome home every day after work? Tala is your kind of gal. She's all over my lap and following me all around the house every single day when I come home. She can't get enough snuggles 😽😽 Email to apply to adopt this sweet mama! πŸ’–

Arthur’s Recruits (@arthurs_recruits)

This sweet floof is getting adopted this weekend with his brother! I’m sad they’ll be going, but it’s about time they found their people! 😻