Harrison Kublin (@hkubz)

With all of life's responsibilities and challenges sometimes it's nice to leave decision making up to fate. As a challenge to help myself grow as an improviser, performer, and person in general I've been using this Wheel of Emotions that I attached a spinner on to help me decide which emotional states and feelings to explore. Whether that's the filter through which I try to approach or understand the world, the types of music, films and other content I take in, I feel this has helped me explore new ideas, concepts, and parts of myself I might not have explored otherwise. I have a couple more emotion wheels with different emotional states on them that I'm looking forward to exploring next, but lately I've been struggling with making decisions in other areas of my life so I'm curious if anyone had any tools they use to help them make decisions or explore something new about themselves. If so I'd love to hear about it! If you're willing to share or let me in on your tricks comment and let me know. #allthefeels #emotional #selfexploration #changes #chicago #growth #improv #secondcity #iochicago #thecrowd

Video Production & Photography (@livecitymtl)

A shot of our friends @madethemlions killing it at @clubsodamtl. Lead singer Mike Valetta is currently competing on @lavoixtva! Best of luck Mike! 🎤

scar (@kscarlett13)

The Lion- oh the lion- how it roars for all of Happy Valley to hear #BlueWhite #thecrowd ⚪️🔵

Malika Jackson (@malikathemogul)

Keep sleeping on the squad if you want....#thecrowd.

Sir James Alston (@mrjamesalston)

Found some old audios, video, and freestyles. Working on a dedication video for @stayfreshb also with unreleased music and photos.
#longlivestayfresh #thecrowd