Kelli Gross (@kittyfoster_)

Caution⚠️: very loud set of lungs!!! So.. two seconds before this video, Violet was sleeping soundly. But than I put Slate back in the kennel & she decided she needed more attention right NOW💁🏼‍♀️😂😂 (she was literally fed 2 minutes ago)

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1. understated elegance 2. my exclusive BTS outtake

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Making connections with other humans can be a huge strain for those suffering from social anxiety. An ESA or pet is the ideal companion for someone struggling to get out and meet others.

Kelli Gross (@kittyfoster_)

Big babies are finally at that age where I walk into the room and they follow me like little ducklings wanting pets & love.🦆 Moon is still half way asleep though & had to get a stretch in first😂😍

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Kelli Gross (@kittyfoster_)

Turn the volume all the way up!!😍 A choir of 4 kittens purrs makes for a very loud, happy cuddle pile😜

Kelli Gross (@kittyfoster_)

Both boys have open eyes but neither of the girls are even cracking💁🏼‍♀️😛 (listen for baby purrs at the end)

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Being unique is better than being perfect.