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it’s like a butterfly 🦋😍

Rupa Sutton (@freyaeverafter_)

If only we could all cozy into Monday like these two 🐭💕🐒

mybabyndog (@mybabyndog)

Mondays be like ugh!

Adventures of Roo&Jamie Popper (@unleashedexplorers)

We are ready for fall! What does Fall look like where you live? Here in Florida it tends to still be fairly hot and muggy year round. We will get a cold snap or two, and those are the best days for hiking! We have to rely on travel to be able to see the pretty leaves changing! ▪️▪️▪️#unleashedexplorers

Magdalena Bielecki (@galaxy_rubyham)

Guess who came out for a minute or so of cuddles this morning? At first I thought that she intended on peeing on me aaaaand that I'd end up having to change my sweater but it turned out that she was being still for cuddles!

Neyland & Knox, NYC (@meow_york_kitties)

I'm not saying I'm Batman... I'm just saying no one has seen me and Batman in the same room... #LetThatSinkIn #SpookyTails @petsmart

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#Repost #animalsfeellove #anetek300 #zacs__place #adoptabledoggy
Maximus is super smart, but still without a home. -Maximus is a 2 year old lab/terrier mix.
- He weighs about 60 lbs.
- He knows basic commands and is eager to please.
- He's very smart and has medium energy level.
- Kids 17+
- Playful with other dogs.
- Can be uncomfortable with strangers so needs someone who can help him overcome this
- A meet and greet at the shelter is required.
Visit or call Town of Hempstead Shelter
3320 Beltagh Ave, Wantagh, NY
Hempstead Town Animal Shelter
516-785-5220. #friendsoftohanimalshelter

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Guys, I think my mom has a problem! Not only did she get 3 pumpkins to carve, she got all these little things as well. 😒 P.S Guess who's feeling better?!?😁😁😁 Happy Monday everyone!💜
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@Regranned from @cora13cats - ⚠️PLEASE READ⚠️ As some of you know, one of my babies, Uno-James, was lethargic and stopped eating on Friday night (Oct 20). I took him into the vet the following day where his blood test revealed his white blood cell count to be four times higher than normal, the lymph nodes in his intestinal area to be swollen and the presence of an unknown mass in the region.

Uno was put on Clavaseptin antibiotics in the hopes this would reduce the inflammation but his ultrasound today (Oct 23) revealed no difference in his condition, but that he was now also in pain.

The vet, Dr Goh, advised to proceed with surgery to remove the mass and from there, have tests done to determine what the lump is, which will also tell us the cause, likelihood of recurrence etc.

Now many of you know I have taken in several cats in need even beyond my financial and physical means, and even with catdad working multiple jobs, we barely get by paycheck to paycheck. That said, I am putting my PayPal link back in my bio and appealing to anyone reading this to donate if they are able, any amount if they can spare, and rest assured I will diligently update donations if I receive them.
I have provided as many documents as possible in the hopes that this will show the veracity of Uno’s case. The clinic contact details is also there for anyone who wishes to verify personally. The amount is in Singapore dollars, and I am using PayPal because YouCaring and GoFundMe can’t be used here.

Thank you so much for reading.
Love from,
Uno and CL

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Very sorry for my English and any unintentional miscommunication, I'm not a native speaker.

Edie (Eedee) (@ediethehedgie)

Bed Urchin (god I love that butt)

Alice, Finnegan & Oliver (@pitterpatterfurryfeet)

Monday mood. 😹
(📷: @monicasisson)
Thanks for all the ❤️❤️❤️ on Finnegan’s kneading video! ~
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