Charlie the Dox (@charlie.the.dox)

Repost from my mama’s account 😎@laurlland

Little Sausage Lola (@love_little_lola)

Best place to snooze... mummy's lap 😍😴😍😴😍😴

JackieandLunaFury (@jackieandlunafurysausages)

Our first road trip last year to Florida when we were babies 😘😘😘 #tbt

Brady (@somethingaboutbrady)

My number 1 spot to go number 2 🙈 #seriousbusiness

Dottie (@dottie.doxie)

So you’re telling me I have to spend Thanksgiving like this?!🙄 #adottielife

c a l i (@little_miss_phillips)

It’s the Atlanta Macy’s Christmas tree lighting! ♥️ this time last year, the pawrents were talking about how fun it would be to take me here ‘next year’.. and here we are! #timeflies #dailybarker #dachshundoftheday #sausagedogcentral #dachshundsonly @dachshundappreciation #thedoxieworld #wienerdogworld @dachshundoftheday @sausagedogcentral @dachshundsunited @dachshundsofinstagram @wienerdogworld

нoℓℓу 🌭 (@holly.weiners)

I get to meet my sisters tomorrow! 🤪