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Petite touche d'enjolivement qui ne passera pas inaperçue... ⠀⠀
Tiny embellishments, impossible to go unnoticed...⠀⠀
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[#ad] Middle school, high school, college. I was constantly plagued with the awful reality of acne. If I could tell my younger self ONE thing, it would be to keep my chin up and NOT let acne take hold of me. We all struggle with acne. The most gorgeous women who inspire you everyday had acne. It's inevitable, and we all get it from time to time. The most important thing about acne is to have self love. Love your skin, no matter the condition, and keep it healthy. For the next 12 weeks, I'm going to use Differin Gel to help combat my acne and all the troublesome areas of my skin. Loving my skin, through rain and shine, shouldn't be hard! #LoveYourself #LoveYourSkin #DifferinGel

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About last night 👆🏻 Got to try the new @barmercadoatl and it was 🔥 (and not just because they have a millennial pink menu, though that detail was 💯). Dined with the lovely @heidiface who also graciously snapped this 📷. Add this to your list of restaurants to try and check out stories to see what we ordered. Or peep the menu by zooming in 👀

Samantha Kelly (@sammyckelly)

Because I'm a nerd and feel compelled to document our daily homeschool doings (honestly, just so I can look back on these posts and feel reassured that I'm doing an ok job), here's the reading and math we did today:
Hero did this coloring worksheet, read all the words to me upon finishing, and then we did "gumball math" (addition and subtraction practice) with some @hellomaypole felt balls. She also read a BOB book to me while in the waiting room at my midwife's appointment this morning. 👍🏻

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I recently changed our bio to be more accurate. 😐 So now ya know what you're getting yourself into when you click that "follow" button. P.S. character limits are my verbose-self's nemesis and it is why I will never get a damn Twitter.

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Pick up the October issue of @wallpapermag Founder + CEO Tim Kobe is featured in a special Singapore Revealed section - thanks @wallpapermag team!

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NOW TAKING PREORDERS! Thigh High Booties are up next! We will have them in Taupe and Black and only $56! Tap link in bio www.ishopthreelittlebirds.com #thighhighboots #boots

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Sometimes homeschool planning looks like piles of books and notebooks on the couch. Who am I kidding, it looks like this most of the time. Especially when the older kids are gone, the younger ones are sleeping, and there's peace. You plop down where it's comfy and you get to work. I have to keep reminding myself that the Lord guides our steps and walks through the valleys with us. The past month has just been one crazy thing after the next and it's been a real struggle trying to get balance. I'll take this moment and breathe in and out, because I know I'm not in this alone. We all hit this place at some point. We have to regather ourselves for the next phase, the next step, the next jump of faith. It's exhausting and thrilling all at the same time. Which is why I'm napping after this. Planning your school week on a Tuesday is normal, right? Just say yes. I need it that "yes".

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You know it's a good feelin' day when you can kinda fly to work

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This Is Us season 2 starts tonight and I can’t watch yet — so nobody tell me what happens! 🤐 In other news, my “i love us” hoop is in the shop, just waiting for you to give to your sweetheart 💙💗