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For the first book of the month of May, I chose to finally read "The Joy Luck Club" in honor of Mother's Day. I watched the film adaptation as a young girl with my mother truly understanding the struggles of the 4 first generation American daughters. Now, I see more of the picture in regards to my South Korean mother. I learned a little more about myself. ✨🎹
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[Bibliotherapy] Reading books: not just great for your mind -- great for your heart and soul! And for us book lovers, you know you've struck a winner when you want to physically hug the book when you reach that final page. This is one of those.
I've had Amy Tan's #thejoyluckclub since 1998. But I've only just read it. Nearly 20 years later.
Got any books on your shelf that are calling you now? It's time x

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Husband is working.
Me? Reading this book I bought more than a decade ago, The Joy Luck Club.


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"Kubuang kenaifan ku yang konyol, guna melindungi diriku sendiri. Lalu aku mengajar anak perempuanku, ibumu, untuk melepaskan kenaifannya supaya dia pun tak akan terluka. Hwai dungsyi, apakah pemikiran ini salah? Jika sekarang aku melihat kebusukan dalam hati orang lain, apakah itu bukan karena aku sendiri pun telah menjadi busuk?

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Host a movie night for #APAHM! We recommend #TheJoyLuckClub - you can use our Conversation Guide to chat about it afterward. ⠀
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The blowfish pose. Going 25 years na. Through space and time. Through everything. 💋#mylovies #thejoyluckclub 📸 : @teambenitezphoto

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Wednesday , May 17. A date to go down in history! Making my first official book post since April.
I was tagged in the #booktomovie tag by the lovely @quietnovelist
So thank you kindly love for tagging me!
When I have watched the film of The Joy Luck Club, I have found many differences between the novel and the movie. But nonetheless isn't that with all movies these days?
The joy luck club by Amy Tan is a book that holds a special place in my heart. Talking about war to modern times, superstition and family lessons whilst all exploring the relationship between the mothers and their daughters is a book that will make you most definitely laugh and cry. Something that may be read as just it is, holds so many deep emotions. So if you read this, be prepared! You'll need tissues.

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Immigration, Language, and The American Dream: Two Poems by Pat Mora.

These two poems by Pat Mora are seemingly simple and easy to read, but they also bring up bigger issues of language, power, relationships, immigration, and The American Dream.
These handouts of thorough and precise questions are ready to go with minimal prep on the part of the teacher.

Questions encourage close reading, analysis of poetic elements, as well as deeper thinking and discussion about the themes and big ideas of the poems.

There are also prompts for in-class writing as well as for longer assessment. “#LaMigra” and “#Elena” could be used with many texts that deal with similar themes. Suggestions include: #TheFortunatePilgrim, #MyAntonia, #TheJoyLuckClub, #BlessMeUltima, #TheirEyesWereWatchingGod, #DeathofaSalesman, #TheGreatGatsby, #InvisibleMan, #ARaisinintheSun, #TheGrapesofWrath, and #OfMiceandMen.

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That bad crab, only you tried to take it. Everybody else want best quality. You, your thinking different. Waverly took best-quality crab. You took worst, because you have best-quality heart. You have style no one can teach. Must be born this way. I see you.-The Joy Luck Club
I see you
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I just love #TheJoyLuckClub one of my favorite movies 🎥 "This feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions."

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Moms are amazing, wether they are biological, adoptive, etc, they face obstacles, they shape us, they help us through thick and thin. Here are the stories of 4 women, their journeys through motherhood, their relationships, and their lives. It's not an easy thing, but it is essential.
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As I was thinking about what to post on Mother's Day, I looked over my bookshelves and realized how few books are written with positive examples of motherhood. Despite having a good relationship with my mother, I wrote a book with a truly horrid example in it. On the other hand, I presented an alternative "mother" relationship, which is also something that is dear to my heart. Having spent three years caring for infants and toddlers awaiting their forever families in Hong Kong, I have had the great privilege of acting as an in between mother for many children. I was impressed by the maturity of the young girls who made the difficult choice to take care of their babies despite a lack of support, or giving them up when they know they cannot meet their children's needs. I was blessed to see the little lives I loved so dearly, entering into the forever families where they were always meant to be. I have had the privilege of watching my three sisters and two sister in laws, care for and nurture their children, and witnessed dear friends who have had children of their own, or brought children into their homes who were meant to join their families. So, today, I wish #happymothersdaytoallmothers in whatever form they play the role.
#thejoyluckclub by #amytan was one of the few books I found on my shelves that speaks strongly about the mother/child experience. While the relationships are far from perfect, they do show the love and care and concern that flows throughout this important connection.


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Day 8 of the #30daymoviechallenge and today's film is a movie that makes you sad. I have two of them but for very different reasons. The Joy Luck Club is a very emotional film about the different lives of some different Chinese families. Such a well done film and I can highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. What happens to some of the women, especially the mothers in this film, can be highly devastating and emotional. On the flipside, Star Trek Into Darkness is such a horribly done film with a tired, sad, throwback of a script which goes nowhere. The fact that Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Khan was silly, foolish, and annoying. It makes me sad for a whole different reason. After the terrific reboot of the film they throw out this crap, and it made me totally sad.

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"Bukan karena kami tak merasakan atau melihat kepedihan di sekeliling kami. Kami semuanya ketakutan. Kami semuanya menderita. Tetapi bersedih sama saja dengan mengharapkan sesuatu yang telah hilang utk kembali lagi. Atau memperpanjang penderitaan yang sudah tak tertahankan"
************************************************** "Luka itu mulai menutup sendiri, untuk melindungi apa yang terasa begitu sakit. Dan sekali sudah tertutup, kita tak lagi melihat apa yanga da di bawahnya, apa yang menyebabkan rasa sakitnya."
**************************************************** "Aku tidak kehilangan diriku secara sekaligus. Selama bertahun-tahun kugosok wajahku sampai pudar, untuk mengikis rasa sakitku, sama seperti ukiran pada batu terkikis oleh air.

Bookmark by @art.see .
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Used books are my kryptonite. They're usually cheaper than new ones and I had to throwback to my old #bookshelf growing up. The amount of used books I had, a shame I couldn't finish them all. Not to mention I now own two of the joy luck club purely by accident...So funny too because I owned Daphe Du Maurier long before I would read her other book, Jamaica Inn.
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It's Mother's Day. Give your mama a call, tell her you love her and give her a gift. And in that I present to you some of the best Mothers to bless us in the movies. Little Foot's Mother, Sarah Connor, Tommy's Mother from "Goodfellas", The Mom from "La Bamba" and last the entire freaking cast of "The Joy Luck Club" Happy Mother's day!!! #mother #mom #mama #MA #mothersday #moviemoms #landbeforetime #terminator2judgementday #goodfellas #labamba #thejoyluckclub


Day 13 of the #squeakybookishlibrary FRIENDS Challenge is "The I Hate Rachel Green Club". Ross Geller and Will Colbert (Brad Pitt) can keep their haters club. I'm sticking to literature-type clubs like @bookofthemonthclub and #FightClub by #chuckpalahniuk and #TheJoyLuckClub by #amytan 📚❤️📖 #books #read #reading #bookish #booklover #booklife #bibliophile #bookclub #bookofthemonthclub #bookstagram #booksofinstagram