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Another retro reading recommendation: Amy Tan's "The Joy Luck Club" - a rightfully revered bestseller of the '80s.

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Finally completed this. Took me very long and thus lost track of the respective stories of all the 4 characters. Some stories were quite mundane and ordinary. Overall too slow for my liking. 😐 6/10 read.
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Just about finished this lovely novel. I've seen it a lot on bookstagram, and have only heard good things. A very heartwarming book, especially for women. I also found it very refreshing and rich to read about people that are so different from myself culturally!
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More Comic Con photos. It was so great to meet @mingna_wen and she is so great and so much funnier in person rather than watching her YouTube videos.

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Tag her please?


I got to meet @mingna_wen today! Though it was a long wait it was totally worth it. I made her a beaded bracelet, which she put on when I gave it to her. And she was just so sweet. It's not every day you can say you met a Disney princesses. Not to mention she's also the best shield agent ever. Her panel was also amazing, I have watched so many of her panels or interviews on YouTube so to finally see one live was so amazing. All in all it was a great day and definitely something I'm never going to forget. Thank you so much Ming! 😘
"you have girl power, use it"

Please tag Ming it would be so great if she liked the photo!!

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It was only after I said goodbye to my mom after a brief PEI trip that I really got invested in this book and sped through it. Because if there's anything I like to be reminded of in my free time, it's my difficult relationship with my mother. Thanks, Amy Tan.
Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club
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“A hallmark of science is setting out to discover one thing and then discovering something else. The Chinese discovered gunpowder when they were trying to find the elixir of life. The four great Chinese inventions are gunpowder, paper, printing, and the compass. But China is much more than that, I told Eric. It is both very old and very new. You will see what I mean when you visit. And when would I do that? he replied. This was after the first time he had asked. I don’t know, I said, playing dumb. After you marry someone Chinese, I suppose” (149)

Weike Wang’s novel “Chemistry” is wonderful. The storytelling is strong and the reader finds herself lead through the narrative with a confident grip by a unique voice. A marriage proposal and a breakdown in the lab make the narrator go off-track for the first time in her life, and the reader is there to witness how she pulls through this crisis with the help of the best friend, the dog, and her own inner power. The protagonist’s career in chemistry makes her a rare ‘girl in STEM’ heroine, giving a unique atmosphere and a pool of fresh analysis of the world to the novel.
How to bring into harmony being smart and being pretty, being successful and being happy might be questions that have been asked before; however, Wang’s protagonist offers a unique, charming, convincing answer to them that is relatable as well as a joy to see unfold. In the tradition of “The Joy Luck Club” and “Mona in the Promised Land,” Wang offers a humorous and deep story about a second generation Chinese American immigrant daughter making her way. Read it if you havent already!
And also a belated happy #internationalcatday from Indulgence's resident cat, who loved this novel even though the dog is a main character in it 🐱
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