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I just watched the first ep of the kdrama "The legend of the blue sea". It was really sad in the ends lool. As a cry baby I almost started crying...hehe. Also, Minho from SHINee is one of the main roles.
It has to do with mermaids, so if ur not interested abt that I guess it isn't the best drama for you. But after I've watched the first ep, I know that it's not a "fairies and princess fairytale". It's modern but "mermaidy". Basicly I really recommend it.
Also, if u want to watch asian dramas, check out Viki Rakuten. They have everything for free (but with ads if u don't want to pay), which is dope. They have the really new dramas, sometimes you need to pay for them but if u wait a few weeks it probably goes away and you can watch it for free.
Jae K out. (New nickname? It's a wordplay k. Like Jk, just kidding, and jk is also jungkook. Ok I'll stop)

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. Now or Child Minho? 😁
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Hati Shimcheong unni lg glisah blm yakin bhwa HeoJoonJeo oppa dh mulai MnCintai nxa 😍 d kasih Kecupan d kening sm d Bibir biar tenang hati nxa & biar g memikirkan apa pun 😍😄..
Good Night Dear 😴
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