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When your mum calls you from Sainsbury’s asking if I want her to pick this up- umm it’s Harley Quinn... yes. #lego #legokeychain #harleyquinn #legoharleyquinn #thelegobatmanmovie #legobatman #instahaul

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Hi guys.

Now that, every comic-book movie in 2017 had been released, it's time to rank all of them from worst to best. This year have been great for comic-book movies, much better than recent years, all of them are mostly really good, so here's the ranking:

8. #JusticeLeague: 6/10
Yes. It's entertaining, but can't ignore the flaws, Justice League had a ton of issues, mainly its story, villain, pacing, and some of the script decision, while had great performances, amazing chemistry, and good action, Justice League is still disappointing.

7. #TheLegoBatmanMovie: 8.5/10
Lego Batman is one of the best animated movie I've seen in recent memories. With brilliant voice acting, FANTASTIC script, smart humors, and awesome cameos, The Lego Batman is almost just as good as The Lego Movie.

6. #SpiderManHomecoming: 8.5/10
Spidey is back! And they did it! Spider-Man: Homecoming is a refreshing take on the superhero movies, it takes the Spider-Man character, and make a very good, funny, and relatable coming-of-age movie, that what makes Homecoming a ton of fun.

5. #KingsmanTheGoldenCircle: 9/10
Technically this not a superhero movie, but it based on a comic book, so it counts in my opinion, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is one of the most devisive movie of this year, and I'm on the side that actually LOVED this film. With excellent action, brilliant performances, memorable moments, and awesome cinematography, Golden Circle is a worth sequel to an awesome movie, that I hope will be a franchise.

4. #GuardiansoftheGalaxyVol2: 10/10
Call me a Marvel fanboy. I don't care. I absolutely adore Guardians 2, it's not as fresh as the first one, but it's still amazing, Guardians 2 have more character development that I thought it would have, that make us end up really caring for these characters, not only because they're badass or really.funny, but because they have a lot of layers into them. Aided by Gunn's awesome directing, funny humors, fun action, awesome cinematography, great characters, and terrificly tragic ending, Guardians 2 is amazing.

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I'm trying to watch #thelegobatmanmovie but #Babs is snoring pretty loud. She took it down a notch for the video, but man, does she sleep hard!!! #caturday #snoring

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『レゴバットマン ザ・ムービー(原題:THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE)』 アメコミヒーローの中でもダークでシリアスなイメージの「バットマン」をコミカルに描いてて、そのギャップが面白い。






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