Dick Grayson 💥 (@askninjagohighrobin)

“Geez. Where do I even start with them? Cool teenage vigilantes just like me! And they’re NINJAS! I guess you can say Batman is no longer my only role model. (Don’t tell him I said that)”

James Duck Windle (@duckiediore)

Harley Quinn ready for her new home ❤️

Swedish Batcave (@johannesaggro)

Got some new #thelegobatmanmovie-minifigures! I have to save some for tonight! I’m almost done! #swedishbatcave #legobatmanmovie #batman #samling

Dick Grayson 💥 (@askninjagohighrobin)

“We’re in the same Chemistry lab.”
(I apologize greatly for how tRASHY this is I did want to make it more serious but art is never on par when you’re sick * s h r u g s *)