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Dr. Baird is an excellent provider of services, including glasses and contacts. But did you know he also treats medical conditions such as corneal abrasions, pinkeye, foreign bodies in the eye, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, etc?! Skip the Urgent Care and call Dr. Baird for your prescription AND your ocular health! This little fella was glad he did!
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Good Morning. Drinking my coffee this morning I couldn't help but think how fucking stupid we all are; and how WE are paying for displayed patriotism. The Defense Department has paid professional sports teams more $60M of OUR money to Play the National Anthem, stage flyovers, the huge flags and to supply the military troops used to hold the flag on the field. NFL players were not required to stand until 2009, and before that time players did not stand for the anthem because they remained in the locker room. Apparently, placing the players on the field during the playing of the anthem was a marketing strategy to make them appear more patriotic. When you are paying for it with dollars and not actions; it's NOT patriotism; it's a show. You shouldn't be mad about someone taking a knee, you should be more pissed that you have to pay to hear your National Anthem played in the first place. Want to be a real patriot and make real change. Demand we end this shit. Keep the players off the the field along with the troops. Spend that money on education, feeding hungry children, stoping child endangerment, money to surviving children of service members killed in combat, cleaning up our dirty streets, homelessness etc. Before you scream from the rooftops at the players remember YOU are paying for the platform from which they protest. Education is a sport and we are losing; badly. #football #america #themoreyouknow #combatprovenadvice #monday #education #patriot #youpaidforit #nfl #weallhavethesamerights #weallhavethesamefreedoms

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Hello, Monday. So we meet again ๐Ÿ˜ Instead of my usual cup of coffee to get me going this morning, I added a drop of Grapefruit essential oil to my water for a natural energizer and pick-me-up!๐Ÿ’งIts sweet, citrusy aroma encourages feelings of joy, helps reduce sleepiness and "brain fog", and can help boost digestion along with so many other uses! Just what we all need on a Monday morning, am I right?! โ˜บ๏ธ๐ŸŒˆโ˜€๏ธ
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Fun fact: The Nashville Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the original in Athens ๐Ÿ›๏ธ

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How do compression socks and garments work? If I don't have a venous disorder, can I still benefit?
Do your legs hurt from standing or sitting? Are you on an airplane or behind the wheel of a car for extended periods of time?

More than 80 million Americans have a venous disorder according the American College of Phlebology. Within your circulatory system, the arterial system uses the power of the heart to pump oxygenated blood throughout your body. Veins deliver deoxygenated blood back to the heart and lungs. Veins use one way valves to push blood toward your heart against the pull of gravity. The contraction of your calf muscles pushes the blood up through the one way valves.

When these fragile valves are not working optimally you may experience heavy, tired legs; swollen ankles and feet which can lead to varicose and spider veins. Risk factors for venous disorders include heredity, prolonged sitting or standing, long distance travel, pregnancy, DVT, surgery or trauma.

A simple change in socks or hosiery can improve circulation to prevent the onset of varicose veins or slow the progression of a venous disorder.
Read more:

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How much do you know about having a solid financial foundation? Take advantage of Life Insuance Awareness - Im have several events happening this week to educate the public for free... the more you know, right!! #knowledgeispower #themoreyouknow #lifeinsurance #lifeinsuranceawarenessmonth #lifehacks #learn #wfgbreakthrough #mindset #fiancialliteracy #learnteachinspire

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I talk about self-care all the time yet I'm always the last on the list. Self-care isn't selfish, it's an essential part of life and so important to your health. My current state seems to be tired, stressed, anxious and now add into that blood pressure that is creeping up to dangerous levels.
I am choosing to stop with the excuses. I have total control on the things I do in my day and things I don't do. Here's to making small changes to equal big accomplishments. โค๏ธ Do me a solid and take care of yourself โœŒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜‚

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I love my HBCU, but more importantly, I love education.#eaglepride #hbcu #educatingyoungminds#ncat#themoreyouknow

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Soil samples collected. Sampling map created. Geese paddling by. Successful morning at Meeker Ave/Penny Bridge. Now we take them to the lab! #soil #restoration #biodiversity #NewtownCreek #science #themoreyouknow #nyc #water @newtowncreek

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Thanks to HennyWise for these nuggets of useful information. I looked up the flag code & everything he listed is correct.

Patriotism is all good until it means risk to the lives of others. Respecting the flag is great unless that flag symbolizes ignoring the oppression, brutality, injustice, civil & human rights violations people face in America daily.
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"What โ€œmoving thought forwardโ€ is, is about being a nucleus that attracts different components of thought so that when they actualize around you โ€” it is different than it has ever been before! โ€œAs I stand in my focused, human, leading-edge experience, and I choose this combination of thoughts and feelings, I am offering a signal that has never been offered before. And so, the Universe must uniquely yield to me, which causes me to offer a vibration that maybe someone somewhere else is matching. If they are, they will certainly come into my experience for the time that we are matching it.โ€ That is the way you affect the world.

Most think in terms of thought affecting the world: You think about transmitting outward: โ€œIโ€™m going to affect the world from my outgoing signal.โ€ That isnโ€™t the way it works. You affect the world by achieving the vibration that brings the signals to you. You create a nucleus that Universe has to respond around. That is how you are the creator." - Esther Hicks
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It's not what you think, I'm not cursing at you! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป ๐Ÿ™Š I have several friends with this.
Some individuals have MTHFR gene mutation. This can affect how your body metabolizes folate and folic acid. Itโ€™s estimated that 40-60% of American have this. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Did you know X Factor (and XFactor Plus) is one of the only fully methylated multi vitamins out there?? *MANY people have no idea they have the mutation or have ever even heard of it. *For the estimated 60 million people affected by this gene mutation, a curse is exactly what it can feel like sometimes IF you don't take the proper proactive steps. *Unfortunately, without taking proper proactive health measures, those with a mthfr mutation are directly predisposed to many serious health problems!
If you have this condition, you NEED a methylated vitamin supplement - one that is already converted because your body canโ€™t do it. Makes sense right?

X factor Is a non-synthetic multivitamin and antioxidant supplement with C, D, E and B vitamins, including methylated folate and methylated B12, and New Zealand black currant.
Also contains aloe which vastly improves absorption, so you know your body is properly absorbing all it should!
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Less words, more action.๐Ÿ‘Š๐ŸปTime to get your #mondaymotivation on ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

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#RespectTheFlag #BoyCott the #NFL and their ALL their #NFLSponsors! We the People will #TakeTheKnee to @budweiser @nike @underarmour @fs1 @foxsports @cbssports @nbcsports @espn. I'm am DONE with spoiled brat multi-millionaires TELLING ME HOW I SHOULD FEEL. You dumb as rocks athletes are there to entertain me, that's it. You get PAID very well to DO YOUR JOB! If I want to hear some political BS NONSENSE I watch the Sunday morning #FakeNews Shows. WHAT YOU DO ON YOUR TIME IS YOUR BUSINESS, #Football time it's supposed to be about the fans NOT YOU!

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#PresidentTrump is 100% RIGHT #Again and as a #BlackMan I'm ask ALL #BlackPeople #BlackFolks #AfricanAmericans #Blackmen & #BlackWomen with COMMON SENSE left to stop SIGNING OFF ON THIS NONSENSE. When you hear a multimillion-dollar athlete or celebrity saying they are working hard to make sure their "kids can eat" that should tell you everything you need to know; THEY GOT ZERO PERSPECTIVE ON THE REAL WORLD. STOP BUYING THEIR $150 DOLLAR JERSEYS and buy a @berkey_filters instead so when the NEXT DISASTER comes you ain't begging Government to save you.

Stay Smarter, Work Harder, and ShopPrepsโ„ข๏ธ to Be Better P.R.I.M.E (Prepared Reddie Immediately to Manage Emergencies) This is Frederick Reddie's #PreparednessAwareness.

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New post up this morning examining a broad definition of mixed modal aerobic training and itโ€™s effectiveness particularly amongst tactical athletes. Weโ€™ll dive deeper throughout this three part series into a few different aerobic concepts and how they can be used in your training. Link in our bio.

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Did you know sweet potato leaves are edible? Many other cultures eat them and cook them a lot like spinach! They are super nutritious, delicious and lower in oxalates if that is a concern for you. The leaves have 3 times more vitamin B6, 5 times more vitamin C, and almost 10 times more riboflavin than the actual sweet potato. If you're buying organic sweet potatoes, the next time you have one that sprouts, don't throw it out! Throw it in some dirt instead! They are super easy to grow! If you live in a warm climate you have an especially long growing season for these babies! All varieties of sweet potato leaves are edible. White potato leaves are NOT! Just FYI ;) You can also find them in Asian markets, and sometimes even in farmers markets! #leafygreens #veggielove #veggiejunkie #themoreyouknow #organicgardening #easygardening #healthy #truefood #healthybyhines

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BY THE WAY: we are no more of a pyramid scheme than any other company with a boss and employees #facts #themoreyouknow #didyouknow #rodanandfields #randf #ceo #bosslady