Jan Johannus (@janjohannus)

Been going through old photos looking for some good ones to print.
That one night at joffres should have a couple of solid ones

Anna Cowper (@acowper.photos)

The MacKenzie Country Lupin Season is in full force atm. Nothing like some weeds to get the tourists frothing 👍🏻

Gary Loftis (@garyloftis)

It’s worth getting up early in the morning at Yoho National Park.

Eric • Minneapolis (@erichdimac)

Sunrises are for the boys.

Adam Gil (@adamcgil)

Last week I asked you guys to send me any questions you had so I could answer them in a Q&A on my @medium blog. I picked 5 questions for the first one, that I think are asked often by aspiring photographers and content creators.
As promised, the blog entry is live and available for you to read via my bio link today!

Go check it out and let me know what you think. I hope it helps some of you at least little bit!

HAILEY FRASER (@hail3yfras3r)

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Yuhao Bean Lu (@bean_yuhao)

Visual exercises Part 4/n

Break the rules:

I have learned the rule of odds and
the rule of third.
I have also been told to break the rules, and to Think outside of the box.
For those who had a chance to visit my website,
you might notice that I left the cover page partly blank.
I meant to say break the rules.
Stop telling us to break the rules.
Stop telling us to think outside the box.

Nic (@nicolamariep)

Some people hate snow, others love it...

Mike Fennell (@nomadaesthetic)

all cozied up in tahoe for the winter. fortunate to have a view like this. the lake climate constantly keeps the canvas profound