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The path to a better gathering is all fun+games. Literally.

If you havent stocked up on your game stash yet, you have less than 8 days to do so at up to 20% off. Now who's up for another round? #bettertoysbetterfun #thebettertoystore

Polly Jane Photography (@pollyjanephotography)

I had the best time with these crazy 5 on Sunday!

Simin Van den Daele (@the_arbery)

A week with this little puppy and I must say he’s fitting in very well. His baby grow matches his basket which matches the bathroom floor, how perfect considering I have to tote him about with me everywhere! In all seriousness it has been the fastest and yet slowest week, time has been on standby as he has become our new centre point, everything revolving around him. I had a cry in the lobby of the National Theatre last night, panicked that I was getting it all wrong but he’s feeding, sleeping and pooping like a trooper so hopefully we’re on track...🤷🏻‍♀️. I have also discovered zippy babygrows from @gapkids which are THE dream for quick nighttime nappy changes 🙌🏼

Kristen Eramiha (@houseoferamiha)

@coven_and_co there aren't really words for how beautiful these pieces are! They will be worn for a very special little reveal - Boy or girl ? Place you bets people 👶🏻

Mariedesign (@mariede_design)

Did you know that when I’m not designing websites or creating awesome logos for amazing clients, you’ll find me putting my photography and videography skills to good use?

There’s something truly precious about witnessing special occasions through the lense of a camera. Not only do I get to share my client’s utter elation, I’m also able to give them something to remember these intimate moments by.

Capturing these special occasions in their lives is something that gives me great joy, and it fills my heart up when they are happy with what I’ve done. Knowing that they’ll get to share those priceless memories with their loved ones and relive the beauty of their memorable day for all time, is what makes this work absolutely rewarding.

I guess it’s easy to see why I love doing what I do!

Is there something specific about the work you do that never fails to fill you up with joy?

Yeter Yesilgoz (@yeteryesilgoz)

I’m in a really good place right now. Like literally. Just on a bench in the sun ☀️😂
#goodmorning #sunshine

🌸 Leoni 🌸 (@chasing__dandelions)

All the excitement for the park 😍 trying to get him out of the park was a different story... 😂 an of course the hammer had to come... #hethinksheisbobthebuilder #crazyhair #noitsnotaperm #parkfun #sunnydays #crazyalmost2yearold

Jennifer (@wearescamp)

•morning light•
A sleepy start to today from this little beauty @elijahslittleadventures 😍. Today, for me, sadly isn’t involving enough sleeping but I’m getting my head around Facebook advertising, organising a photo shoot (I’m rooting around the kids dressing up box for props!) and, scarily, thinking about Christmas markets and applying for them with deadlines already looming 😳 what about you?
#wearescamp #motherhoodalive 
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We are sooo excited to announce our brand new challenge and we want YOU to join us!
It's a fun Weekend Portrait Challenge to get you experimenting with bringing more connection and meaning into your images, with exercises to help improve your compositions and posing of subjects in your portraits.
You'll Learn:
* Why posing matters & how to use effectively to improve your portraits
* The small adjustments that can make a big impact & will help your subjects feel more confident and relaxed in front of the camera
* Examples of posing tips for individual and group photos
We kick off on Friday 23th February... and hey, it's totally FREE too!
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Theodora (@theodoraofosuhima)

Hello everyone, I haven't done an introduction in so long and I've gained some new journey companions so I thought maybe I should do a little introduction.


I'm Theodora, born in Ghana, raised in Italy, lived in U.K. before going to Canada. I write, take photos and look at life through a positive lens.
I'm currently back in Europe with my family due to a sabbatical year that my husband is blessed with. We are living in Devon but have been travelling a lot. So far we've travelled to Isle of Mull in Scotland, Lizard Point, Pointlevant in Cornwall, Greater London UK, Beijing China, Accra, Kumasi and Swedru in Ghana.
We have more destinations coming up I hope you will follow along the journey 😘
Where do you live? Do you have any place you would like to travel to?

Let's me know, I'm curious 😘✨#portraitmode #count_itjoy

• .
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t i a r n & n o a h (@tiarn.grosvenor)

If theres one thing I wish for our family, its to one day be living here 👆
Well, close enough to here that our kids grow up!
Theres just something about this place that grounds you, and if I can feel that every day I have a feeling we would be completely happy!

r a e + sunshine (@raeandsunshine)

Today is not just another day. It's a new opportunity, a second chance. So I will take this day, embrace it and sparkle.
Happy Hump Day!

B l a i r 🍃 (@mrs_blair_nicole)

Perth, Sydney, Woolwich, Batemans Bay, Lake conjola, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Eagle Bay- you can say the kids seen a lot in our few weeks away. But our sunrises and sunsets walks were my fav 🌅.

The Johnsons (D&P) (@a_littlepieceofus)

There’s nothing like being in the right place at the right time.....we’ve done it, we’ve somehow managed to get Mouse taking her bottle, sleeping through the night and in a routine that I can actually write down for my mum - it’s hard passing the buck over as I’m more an instinctual mum and I read Mouses signs rather than a book - but sometimes you need to go left to go right! There is no doubt that pregnancy or this pregnancy has pushed me to meet my gremlins and to turn them into Smurf’s. Little helpful guides, tools to keep me and my anxiety on track. I can feeling it bubbling under my chest at the moment, I’m freaking out about packing, and actually being able to afford our honeymoon but I know these sensations are just sensations. They are pulsations of worry and concern that I need to talk about logically with Big D tonight. I need to get everything in place .... something I have learnt along the way is antidepressants aren’t always tablets, they can be things, occasions or people that just lift the fog. My antidepressants are talking, writing and being honest. The trap of pretending and being silent are my worst enemies.....#mentalmutha #depressionandanxiety #mumssupportingmums #maternalmentalhealth #honeymoon