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So glad my mock exams are over

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ugh I'm procrastinating so much today but I need to study :(
q| betty or veronica?
a| I love both but I like verotica a bit more :) comment "๐Ÿ’ญ" to be tagged in my next post.

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Top 12 fav Females :
1.5. Brooke Davis
(Equal with Next)

MY QUEEN. I simply can not find the words to express my love for Brooke Penelope Davis. Brooke was the second mature character I ever fell in love with (my first is # 1.) Brooke is the actual Queen of development.
Brooke is such a strong & selfless character and I admire her for so much. Brooke is hands down one of the strongest characters ever written. She had a absolutely terrible Family who never really cared about her. She was told that she could never have children. Her best friend a most died right before she left. Her dad used her for her business, she was always so afraid of not being enough, (etc.) Brooke has taught me so much on so many life lessons what did we do to get this angel named Brooke Penelope Davis. We are so blessed to have nine seasons with such a legendary character.

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--- Do you miss Glenn? I do, I loved his character! Tell me which characters or scenes you want to see next! ---