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Winter usually means cold dry air, which equals DRY skin! Or for some of us it’s hot, dry and windy, which also means DRY SKIN!
Don’t worry, I have just the products to help!! Today I’ll showcase our top hydrator - Active Hydration Serum... (from Allure.com)..
“The serum is basically a Big Gulp of almost every good moisturizing ingredient there is. This contains PCAs, which are moisture magnets, as well as all of the ceramides [good fats] you find naturally in your skin. That’s a big deal because most serums contain only one or two.
There are expected moisturizing ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, and unexpected ones, like sea salt, which sounds odd, but salt actually helps hydrate skin. There’s lactic acid to drive the ingredients deeper. There’s also hydrating glycerin. A LOT of hydrating glycerin. Most serums max out at 10%, but this one has 30%! (cosmetic chemist Ginger King)

Hydrated skin is smooth, soft to the touch, even and glowing. It is not oily, flaky, greasy, or bumpy. Feel the difference yourself. You get 60 days to try and fall in love or hate and get your money back.
Black Friday to Cyber Monday will be the time to start if you’re a new customers! Biggest and best deals are coming for you! Message me for more details 😁

emely (@aiyanahh)

Gotta stay hydrated 💦 So glad I finally got my hands on this mist. One of the most hydrating mists I’ve incorporated into my skincare routine so far. Feels amazing on the skin. #saturdayskin #skincare #lovelovelove #thirstyskin #dailydew #essence

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#newin Happy Thanksgiving to me! 🙌 @drunkelephantskincare .
I just wanted to try the Virgin Marula Oil but then I saw this combination pack #letsdewit @sephora online & it was seriously a no brainer! This pack has in it....
🔸Virgin Marula Facial Oil .
🔸B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel .
🔸Lala Retro Whipped Cream .
They’re all travel size except the Whipped Cream but they’re all great sizes!! Can’t wait to try them! I’ll keep you posted! ❤️.
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✨Look closer on how Active Hydration Serum nourished her skin😱💦

✨Why does this stuff work so well? ✨Hydration is different from moisturization! ⠀
✨Here's what I mean by that...⠀

💦Hydration vs. Moisture : ⠀
**Hydrators are designed to increase water content in the skin by attracting water to the deeper cells. ⠀
**Moisturizers help skin retain water by creating a barrier over the skin.⠀

💦To keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and soft (and not oily!), you need to increase your skin's hydration and THEN seal it in with a good moisturizer.⠀
💦 There are A LOT of great moisturizers out there, but only ONE hydrator that has a patented molecule (created by our Dr's and R+F team), that solved the puzzle of enough hydration, without the sticky residue.⠀
💦 Just drinking water isn’t enough to really hydrate your skin. Think about how much water you drink and how much is eliminated by the body. Drinking a lot of water is great at hydrating the organs, but it doesn’t always hydrate the skin effectively.⠀

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Is your skin winter-proof?

GET GODDESS hair and beauty ✂️🌿 (@get.goddess.hair.and.beauty)

Make up or no make up? That is the question. I love make up cause its creative and I'm a sucker for lovely frangrances too😍. Then on the other hand i love giving my skin a good cleanse and scrub then just wearing tinted moisturiser, mascara and a nude lippy. Your face also likes it too exactly like hair.... it likes a bit of a change.
Wednesday motivation - stay hydrated💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧. #hydration #wednesday #motivation #makeup #nomakeup #water #thirstyskin #insta #goodskincare #lovetheskinyourin #maintain #icare #getgoddesshairandbeauty #hairandbeauty


Forgot I had this. Giving my skin a bit of moisture for once! #no7 #moisturiser #nightcream #drinkskindrink #thirstyskin #boots #moist #pampering

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Hey Lovelies! Ryan and I want to remind you to drink your water today - your skin will thank you! - Cara xox #HydrationIsSexy #RyanSaysSo #ThirstySkin

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Mother👩daughter Monday mini spa session. CREAMY HYDRATING MASQUE
NOW -30% OFF great for dry/thirsty skin
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Natural Skin/Haircare Products (@kijaniorganics_)

A lil sunshine in a tub to brighten your day just because Monday can be depressing😔😔

Kijani's turmeric scrub is made with oils and butters as well as exfoliants that remove dead skin cells without stripping your skin.
If you are acne prone, you need to scrub at most twice a week because the possibility of the dead skin cells clogging your pores and getting infected with bacteria is very high. However, if you have breakouts, medium or huge that is almost septic, please do not scrub. It makes a bad situation even worse. Stick with face masks only till it dries off.
This scrub helps fade spots, pigmentation and makes your skin soft, smooth and supple. It comes with a tiny spatula for scooping.
Want this yellow gorgeousness? Hit me up in the DM.


My Skin UK Official (@ilovemyskinuk)

Fix up your skin this winter with a professional skin rejuvenating "Microdermabrasion" skin treatment.
It has multiple benefits including plumping up the collagen fibres in your skin and removing all the dead layers of skin that your face scrub can't. The dead skin is sucked away and filtered by the machine.
Visit: (Click link in bio)

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HYDRATED, LUMINOUS, GLOWING skin...30% OFF #Blackfriday 💦

Soothes dry, sensitive skin whilst binding it with moisture 💦 Features cactus and pine cone extracts 🌵

Get that perfect #LUMINOUS complexion for christmas.
Bye bye #FLAKYSKIN 🙋

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This one is quite 'loud' but I will go first. .

I love, absolutely love the pain associated with abscess or boil as everyone calls it. Before you people block me, I have enrolled for deliverance in church 😖😖😖😖.

Growing up I was jealous of kids that got boil regularly. I thought they were so lucky. I got it few times. Very few actually and anytime my mum gave me a drug to use or rub on it to reduce the pain or make it 'ripe' fast, I threw it away so I could savour every bit of that pain. This is why I've built a 3 bedroom flat on the YouTube page of @drpimplepopper

When I didn't get it for a long time, I started checking Google for ways to induce it.

It didn't work😔😔😔 The funny thing is this is the only pain I like. Ordinary taking injection for blood test is always drama filled.

Till now😭😭😭. .

Someone has to hold me. But pain from abscess? Pure bliss.
Not everyday comman buy sometimes relax and unplug. But if you wanna buy products sha I full ground ooo. Please send a DM. 😉😉😉 .

What is that one thing you love that other people find odd?


These days it's all about hydration and product layering, so behold my new magic duo to take care of all that!🦄 @caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet (pink tube)
@caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum (white tube)

After I wash and spray the face mist, I apply the serum first on my cheeks and forehead (this are the areas most affected by the harsh winds these days). Then I apply the sorbet to my face and neck, give it 3 minutes to absorb, and I proceed with my BB cream.

Honestly, I never thought that I would replace my @biotherm Aquasource day cream, but @caudalie is really wining the game with this one🥇

Feel good factor 5/5

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