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Your idea of yourself isn't relevant to what God has designed you to be. Self-righteousness & self-obsessed are very proof that your not able to see the inner most you that is actually self-less. Your not created to look out for Yourself but the others around You. Your created to communicate, to love, to give, to maintain faithful relationships. But the corrupt you does not wholy understand this but have Glimpse of it. Your not somehow a good person sometimes and then a bad person sometimes accidentily. Goodness in you is the very breath of God that's been realised in You by God when he said, Gen1:28 "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, ..."
When He breathed into you, He breathed the very nature, character and personality of Himself in you. "Mankind in His image" says about inner appearance then outward. We are corrupted, we are heading to disaster, so that explains why we are in survival mode which only calls out I, Me & Myself. But when you found God, your salvation in Christ I no longer see the need for you to be in "survival mode" but expect you to be more like in "Thriving mode" 'To grow into the You out of the corrupted You' Now to understand or to find the true you, you start from the beginning. God is the beginning and the end. In Him you'll find yourself more accurate then you would by digging into yourself.
You came out of God so it's only wise to search for yourself in Him & only Him.
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#monday #mind #day #mindfulness #new #day #new #week #choices #healthy #health #fit #fitness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mhaw17 #suicide #emotions #emotional #thrive #wellness #wellbeing ~ We live through habits, repeated patterns & this is ok if it enhances you & your life BUT if these ways to live make life more difficult, take time to reflect & make choices that enhance you & your life! MINDFULNESS Monday...

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✨What It's really like when you start to make a living doing what you love✨ ...
+ There is no quick fix formula or shortcut. Everytime you think you have it all figured out, there is a million more lessons to be learnt. It feels a lot easier when you start to surrender to the process, refining your craft becoming less attached to the outcome & perffection •
+ Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain as Tony Robbins famously said•
+ There's going to be moments when all you hear are crickets as if no one gives a shit about what you're doing. It is not a reflection on you. Please do not use this as a measure of your success. The more you you practice your craft, the better you will get. Anyway people gravitate to passion more than anything else•
+ You may not get external validation. Stop seeking it if that is what is going to determine whether you go after what you want or not. Because if that's all your waiting for, what you want will never happen. Ask yourself why you're doing it? This should be strong enough to keep you going. Anchor into that & follow the things that inspire you. It will be all the validation you need (that thing that lights you up)•
+ Momentum demands movement. Everyday take baby steps. Like a snowball, the more you roll in the right direction, the greater it gets•
+ You are not a failure just because you don't make millions in your first, second, third .... Year•
+ It's okay if your journey looks different to that of your friends. Comparison is poison.
Your experiences, who you are and what you have to offer is uniquely different to anyone else. Focus on your magic 🌟
+You're doing the best you can, with the info you have, in this moment. If you're stuck, look within. Is it something within you can change? Are you in your own way?•
+ Listen to your body when it wants you to pause and check in with yourself or feel yourself burning out. Take rest. Your work will be there when you're ready. You only have one of you so take care of it•
Last but not least, this journey is not for the faint hearted. It's demanding, consuming, and often lonely so find your tribe and love them hard ❤️

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Change is hard. Living for a year in NC was difficult for my kids, but at the same time we grew so close as a family. We are as thick as thieves more than ever, and I wouldn't have our story written any other way.

Rerouting Thoughts (@reroutingthoughts)

Ya know that I love my kids faces off right? Well I do BIG TIME! I mean this is exactly why I want to better myself for them and for my hubby. I want to be the best version of myself for them not just give them the leftovers after putting on my best for everyone else. But here's the thing, sometimes I don't FEEL the love for them. 😳 #nojudgementzone🚫 Let me explain. It's like that line from How to Get a Guy in 10 Days, "I love you Benny, but I don't have to like you right now." Sometimes we are just not insync. They are crabby, I'm crabby, they are emotional, I'm emotional, they are acting like a toddler, I WANT to act like a toddler. You know what I mean? #pleasesayyoudo 🙏🏻Any who I find myself making comments like, "They are going to be the death of me." "If I survive them it's going to be a miracle" and so on. I hated that! I mean I don't want to just love my kids always, I want to FEEL love for them always. No matter what. So here's my current plan and it's already making a huge difference. I learned from #boldnewmom (yes I'll be referencing her lots) that it's all about what you are focusing on and where your letting your thoughts go. So I had a brilliant idea! If me and one of my kids had a particularly hard day I'd sit down at night and write every good thought I had about them and everything I love about them. It's been AWWWWWESOME! #mykidsrock What a difference that has made. Instead of feeling helpless and like we just need to survive each other I get to choose to not just survive them but make our relationship THRIVE! #reroutingthoughts #loveisachoice #feelingsareinyourcontrol #thrive #masterthemind

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Congrats to @rissybooboo! An amazing finish for a wife, mother of 2 active boys, active women's leader, busy career woman, inspiration to many, and so much more! #californiaregionals #womenofinfluence #allthings #thrive

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Work was part of the human experience before the fall. Work is good, serve him wherever you you are. Download Sunday's encouraging sermon off the website. #thrive #workmatters #fortheworldfortheking #riversidecommunitychurch

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Taking time out to slow down, pause and just 'be' isn't revolutionary but it is pretty radical. I hope you got to slow down and #pause this weekend.
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Delicious burst of creamy dark chocolate cherry flavor.
1 C frozen bananas
1 C organic frozen cherries
1 scoop bulletproof chocolate powder
2 drops doterra Kumquat oil
2 drops doterra Red Madarin oil
All in a vitamix and blend-depending on how thick you'd like it-if you'd like it creamy like a smoothly-add hemp, cashew or coconut milk. (No more ham 1/2 C)
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Vegan taco!! Chargrilled zucchini, mushrooms, onion, corn, cherry tomatoes & kidney beans 🙌🏽🌯🌶️

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Ready to Thrive! Get lil extra Faith each day when u sign up for your #wwfd #thrive #faithyoung❤️ #intention #ounceoffaith #positivequotes #sharethelove #change #energy

Faith Young (@whatwouldfaithdo)

Ready to Thrive! Get lil extra Faith each day when u sign up for your #wwfd #thrive #faithyoung❤️ #intention #ounceoffaith #positivequotes #sharethelove #change #energy

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Sleepy girl vibes over here tonight 😴 I've had 4 hours of sleep since 6AM yesterday and spent 12+ hours in the car (best impromptu trip with Mom ever)💕 • I was in bed by 9PM and all I want is to sleep....and then I catch the fireworks 💥 buzzing through the neighbors yard when I get up to switch the laundry 🙃 If only I could crawl under my pillow...or a pile of pillows? 🙌🏻 #dachshund #doxiesofinstagram #goodnight