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happy belated sweet 16 to my main man 🐥enjoy the chikfila🐥

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Four day Trial packs $40(ask me how you can get it cheaper)!!! If you ever wanted to try thrive you should NOW!!! Who ever is interested in becoming a free customer and places a order I'm offering $60 off your order‼️‼️also I'm still needed two FREE PROMOTERS!! #thrivetrialpacks #thrivesamples #thrive #thrivemoms

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Looking for breakfast ideas or ways to increase your fruit & veg intake? Try this sweet potato toast!! 🍠🌈🍃🍠🌈🍃🍠🍃🌈🍠🌈🍃🍠🌈 🍃🍠🌈🍃🍠Simply cut sweet potato lengthways into thin slices, steam for 2-3 minutes, pop under the grill for 2-3 minutes either side and top with all your faves!! 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Today's combos: tahini & kiwi/ basil pesto and pomegranate 🌻👅💦#sweetpotatotoast #sweetpotato #fruit #veg #2&5 #eatplants #breakfast #breakfastinspo #potatopower #eattherainbow

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Congratulations to Paul Ruig on his Promotion to Vice President of the Greater Los Angeles Region! Since starting with the company back in 2002, Paul has been instrumental to the acquisition and completion of some of our most successful projects. All of us here at C.W. Driver companies are so thankful for his contributions to our work and cannot wait to see how he will thrive in this new position. #CWDriver #Promotion


For the athletes,beginners,& the do'ers .... who give 💯 % to their workouts, who want to shape and earn their body... Here's the link down on these bad boys 💚 👉🏻SKU# 1417
Rebuild Strength is a Post workout shake you take within 30 minutes of your workout.. After you have killed yourself in the gym your muscles need proper nutrition to grow and rebuild... hence the name.. in this protein shake you are getting 4 major ingredients that take part in growing and rebuilding your muscles. You get 24g of Protein,Protein Amino Blend,L-Glutamine,& BCAA's... it basically helps rebuild fatigued muscles over a multi-hour period... 👉🏻SKU# 1414
PREPARE - is a pre workout, so you take it within 30 minutes of your workout and it will increase blood flow and nutrient delivery during your workout . It also has creatine in it for muscle to further power your workouts.. keeps you pushing harder and longer.. You won't feel jittery like most preworkouts, its a very clean preworkout!
Meet The Rolls Royce of Pre-Workouts. The only Pre-Workout in The World endorsed by Dr Lou Ignarro (Nobel Laureate in Medicine). He is the man who discovered Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is used in almost every Pre Workout in The World, this man is an Herbalife Doctor. This right here, is the real deal.

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Hello, everyone! My name is Lisa Estes & this is my updated Thrive Experience!

After saying NO for a solid year, I'm am now a little over 5 months into my Thrive journey & if you would have told me how much my life was going to change for the better in such a short time, I would have laughed at you!
As I started into my 8 Week Thrive Experience, I just wanted to feel better. I needed more energy to be a better me…for myself and my NINE children. I didn’t actually intend on sharing what I was doing. Oh, but did that change quickly! I felt amazing & I wanted everyone else to feel this great, too! Not only did I feel better than I did when I was in my 20's & 30's but I’m down 22 lbs and 4 sizes.
Plus, 3 simple steps first thing in the morning…it was SO easy. I could share every step of my journey with you but long story short, as my life was changing daily, I couldn’t help but share with those I care about. And, I couldn't ask for a better business opportunity than what Le-Vel was giving to their promoter's! And WOW, allowing their customer's an opportunity to earn their Thrive for FREE?!? I’ve never heard of such generosity in a company!

In January 2017, I hit my 4K VIP Rank Advancement & I was so excited! I was on cloud 9. I didn’t think it could get any better but then in March I hit my 12K VIP Rank Advancement plus my Auto Bonus! What?! I’ll never be able to explain in words what a blessing that is for my family.
I'm so fortunate to be a part of such an amazing & caring company! Words can't express how grateful I AM! I've never been a part of a company that keeps on giving & I'm always in AWE! The support from the our up-line team…knowing and feeling just how much they want you to succeed is beyond anything I’ve experience with any company I've worked with before. Want a business you can be proud of? Do you want to help change the lives of those around you? Do you simply want to feel better and get more out of life? Come Thrive with us!!! Let it change your life like it did mine!

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"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly." --Jim Rohn

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Introducing the Prosperity collection... 🌱

The Prosperity Collection explores the movements associated with growth, and draws parallels between growth facilitated by Mother Nature, and the personal growth of a woman. During her lifetime, just like plants, trees and all living beings, she evolves. The most significant evolution is not the kind she sees, but the kind she feels. Throughout her journey, she must nurture herself in order to thrive and be prosperous in love, health and experiences. Along the way, an instinct to cherish those she loves emerges, nourishing the lives of those she cares about most.
Prosperity is in stores now. Keep your eyes peeled for images and retail pricing! ~ 🌱

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Drilling has begun again at the Ormee Primary School! Praying for clean water for this school & community. Pray with us!
#cleanwater #tanzania #africa
#ormeeprimaryschool #majihope #waterislife #thrive #farmhopethrive #maasai #pray #prayer #powerinprayer

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eXpand , im about to expand my mind like the move limitless #expand #thrive #experence #brains #smart #limitless

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"If You get tired, Learn to rest not quit." GMornin.' #colombiariver #wanapumdam #nomad #wanderer #travel #scenic #nomadic #thrive

B A S E health 🌿 by L I L (@basehealth)

// B A S E health 🌿 CAFÉ SERIES // -----------------------
Like many people, I LOVE a good café/restaurant and as a result, I have spent endless hours trawling social media and the internet to find BASE health approved cafes & restaurants when I'm travelling. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Because my health is so precious [and so is yours], I seek healthy, wholefood eateries that dish up delicious, nutritious packed meals with a side of good vibes. I believe there are few worse things than travelling and feeling lousy because your nutrition isn't up to scratch. No, I don't meant making sure every single meal is perfectly healthy, but I do enjoy feeling nourished when travelling because it means I can get out and explore more. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
This being said, I present to you the BASE health Café series where I will be sharing my favourite healthy cafes and restaurants around Australia. Think of it like a platform for you to stop by and see what recommendations I have when you are planning your next trip. There is some seriously cool stuff happening in the way of wholefood eateries these days. Do yourself a favour and start checking some of the places out. You may be surprised. ✨ Be sure to save any posts you like so you can refer back to them. Also, let me know if you are in need of a suggestion and I may be able to help.

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Ever wonder if THRIVE could help you but hesitant for a conversation? Listen to this recorded info. #thrive #thrivewithme #changinglifes

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Thrive. I'm reminded of a moment when I was reading outside, and I saw this tiny blade of grass growing up between two rocks. In seeing this, the Holy Spirit impressed this on my heart, "That is how you should be; even in the moments when the rocks of life threaten to close in on your hope, be like that single blade of grass I caused to spring up. I want to do the same through you. Learn how to thrive for that is where Christ is most glorified; not in the midst of meadows but in between the rocks". So I want to encourage you with that. Thrive. -Laquan #Thrive