This is my mother. Framed against a sea of green and white fields in Somerset, our first UK home. .
In her hand she holds snow for the first time. Back then, it was new and exciting, but that soon faded when the cold hit her bones.
My mother is the cave in which I find myself hiding whenever I lose my self.
It is her arms that have carried me when I have lost my way. .
In my solitude, I remember her sacrifices, the dreams she put aside, the loved ones she said goodbye to so my sister and I could have a better life. .
She is quiet in her strength, a bull in her fierceness and a lion in her pursuit of what she wants.
This is my mother. We climb trees like children, dance against the moonlight and have deep heart wrenching conversations on long walks. .
She is everything and all things, and she never stops climbing even when she reaches the top.
Happy Mother's Day to all mums, dads who are mums, family who take the place of mums and those who have left us. ❤️

Manuela van der Pol (@manuelavdpol)

Heffron Drive sunday.. Ik wil dit weer overdoen. #throwback #heffrondrive

Ginger Baby & Elsa Baby (@ginger_elsa_bb_toypoodle)

Feeling the strong breeze in our face 💨 #throwback to our yesterday outing to east coast beach park

Monidipa (@moni2511)

Looking for a short break at Rajaji and Haridwar with my little lady 💖
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Emma Drury (@drurington)

My Mum, and my bestest friend ❤️