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Happy Sunday evening #furriends ! I’ve missed you much! Please tell my Meowmy to pay a bit more attention to our IG account! #helpus #iloveig #greeneyes #tigerkitty #tigger #catsofinstagram #iloveyouall

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“Tut Tut, it looks like rain!” ☔️ #christopherrobin Who else loved reading #winniethepooh stories when they were young? I know my siblings and I did!
4.5 years ago, I was so exhausted 😩 , beyond tired, I needed tons of caffeine to make it through my day. Even with medication, sleep evaded me. 😴 Anyone else get out of bed exhausted? That was me and it was absolutely awful! I had no idea why I couldn’t sleep.
Thank the Lord for my amazing friend who suggested I take some #supplements to help me lose weight. Much to my surprise, I was sleeping like a baby within a few weeks! 👶 What kind of magic was this? True #restorative sleep where I was waking up and bouncing out of bed like #Tigger from Winnie the Pooh!!! Bouncy! Trouncy! Full of Fun! YAY, that was how I felt!!! 😃
Well, it’s been 4.5 years since I have “needed” caffeine!!! My sleep is still the most restful, restorative, incredible sleep!!! #balancedbloodsugar #guthealth are two things that effect your sleep. If you are having issues with sleep, send me a message. I will send you a sample of #plexusslim! 😃 Here’s to energy through a great night’s sleep!!

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Well that didn't take long.

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I love youu Tigggeeeerrrrrrr ! You Make my life better -> bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! #tigger #disney