Blue Rose Soap (@bluerosesoap)

I love how this came out! I finally succeeded at a #butterflyswirl 😍 these #gingerlime beauties will be ready to go in about 4 weeks! .
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Elo Rodriguez🌻💀💋💄🐭🏰👑🌙🔮🕉️ (@queenelo4)

it's been a long and on going journey...and the end is far from near... I've been through so much mentally,spiritually and physically that I can't possibly stop now...i owe it to myself, to become a better person than I was worth it #timeforme #gottasticktomyplan #manifesting #betteringmyself #personalgrowth

Kirsta Kilpsinger (@mamaofthedrama)

Sometimes all you need is a bath full of juniper berry to soak away your troubles. .
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ODM (@onedeterminedmum)

The Greatest Showman - Loving the soundtrack - Is it worth trying to see at the cinema? 🎬 #onedeterminedmum #timeforme #lovingthetunes #greatsoundtrack #runningtunes #worthawatch

WildBeauty (@nature.empress)

Wild soul is a blessing

Charla Kahler (@sgbfansomd)

At some point you gotta stop taking care of everyone else and take care of yourself.. #TimeForMe #AFriendToldMeThis

Bonnie Lee Taylor (@bonnieltaylor)

Why do I choose to be a small business owner & why essential oils? The short answer is my family. The long answer is going to shock if you think this is about selling bottles of Lavender. ➡️
I did this first to support my own immune system & for emotional and hormonal support. Here’s what happened. In 32 months I’ve helped over 133 families find a better way to live, remove toxins from their home, avoid co-pays. Last year my business produced over $76k in sales. That’s double what I did the year before & 2018 will show even more growth. Check out the 2015 Income Disclosure graphic. Those are REAL numbers. I have friends at the top levels, it’s real. I don’t worry about retirement. I could care less about whether or not social security will be around for myself or my kids because this business is willable. I’m building a legacy of residual income for my children and grandchildren and future generations.
This is a 4-year career. Which means to reach the level of income giving you freedom takes about 4 years. Look at the Income Discloser that is “Gold”. Raise your 🤚 if an avg monthly income of $6,042 (Gold level) would help you. Raise your 🤚🤚 twice if an avg monthly income (Platinum) of $14,710 would change your life. There are 3 more levels beyond that! The saying you can work 40 years helping someone else make money or work 4 years for yourself & create a legacy. I’m choosing the later.
Here’s another shocker. I work an avg of 20 hours a week. Most of what I do, I do from my phone while drinking my morning coffee. I meet friends, encourage & help people feel better about their life. Get this, last Sept I traveled to Morocco, for 14 days & it was the best month I had at that point. The business grew without me! That’s crazy!
Are you trying to figure out how you are going to retire? Do you pay off the house so you can retire? Ever say, I wish we could take a vacation, I want to pay off debt or I’ll never retire? That was me. I now pour myself a cup of coffee & see who I can help today. Can I help you?
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Melinda Hildebrandt (@mhildebr76)

#flashback to my time at the @mindbodypilatesretreat in Thailand last year.... so excited to be going back in 2018.

Misty Gladeau (@mistylee444)

A little bit of pampering goes a long ways 👌🏼♥️ #selflove #lushbathbomb #candles #timeforme

Mya Tomei (@mixedyogini)

I picked this picture to post because this is when my confidence took off. Yoga became my best friend. It became my happy place. Yoga became the outlet that I had been searching for, for so long. I found my true love. This picture indicated that I was truly finding myself. I found what made me happy and that I would love to reciprocate this happiness, amongst other souls and hearts. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO! This ...wonderful essence is what I truly believe I was meant to do on this Earth.
I have a passion and I WILL pursue that. I have a meaning and I will define that through my future work. I have a dream and that will become a reality. I have a wish and that fairy godmother is going to grant that and more. I have this deep down, gut wrenching feeling that I need to do this as a living. I've never had this feeling before, which is giving me my purpose in life. This is what I NEED to do to fulfill my purpose here on Earth. Before I go, I will accomplish this goal.
This picture represented the start, of Mya ❤️
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